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On Tuesday, May 18th, 2010, I called DIRECTV to cancel my service. I ask the customer service representative how much it would be to cancel my service.

He told me it would be $20/month until November. I agreed to that amount so I had him cancel the service at 12AM on Wednesday morning. On Thursday, May 20th, 2010, I went on www.directv.com to pay my bill for $120 (which is what I was told it would be). When I accessed my account online the total was $255.

I called DIRECTV right away and talked to a customer service representative named Van. I asked her to review my account because of the different amount I was told on Tuesday. After she reviewed the account she noticed that I had a credit on my account and she said my contract actually ended in September. Therefore she told me I'd need to may $20/month til September ($80) then with my account credit the total would come to $55.10.

I told her that was fine and I'd pay that amount once I could pay it online. She told me to wait a few days because their online account manager needed to change the amount on my account. I told her that would be fine and that I'd pay the $55.10 immediately when I saw it online. I asked her three times what the total was that I would need to pay.

Three times she told me $55.10. Today, May 25th, 2010, I went to pay my total and the amount was not changed. I called DIRECTV again to verify the total was $55.10 and the customer service representative Dawn told me that the total was $255. She said that I was not out of my contract until next year.

I have had DIRECTV since 2008. Their customer service representatives have told me three different amounts to pay. I agreed to pay $20/month until November for my early cancellation during the first call. The second representative told me that I only needed to pay $55.10.

I told her that was fine and I'd pay it as soon as I saw it on my online statement. I don't think it right that I've been told three different amounts to pay. I agreed to the first total; $120. I did not agree to $255.

Please let me know what action needs to be taken to remove this outrageous charge. Also I will NOT be using DIRECTV again because their customer service representatives obviously don't know what they are talking about when they cancel someone's service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $255.

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It seems Direct can charge whatever they want and they Lie! Lie!


You might think about not paying them and letting them terminate your service that way they cannot charge an early cancellation fee. just makes sure the box is unplugged when they turn off your service so they cannot continue to charge you.They can turn it over to the credit bureaus but you have the option of posting your side on your report also.I know this is dishonest but then you are not dealing with the most Honest people out there.

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