Had DirecTV for 6 years.The reason I cancelled is because of their High Definition scam.

I received these so called 80+ channels. Without notice, they turned a bunch of them (the popular ones) into pay channels. They told me they posted it on their website. I told them I am never on the website, how about an email, or phone call.

They had no answer for that one. So I decided to cancel my service and use my local cable provider. I called to pay my past due and prorate charge, they told me that I could not, and that when you cancel, it would be automatically withdrawn. Well 2 months later, I received a call from collections agency for a "past due balance"?!?

When confronting Directv supervisor, thay said I have to write a letter (no phone #) to dispute my bill. I think they do this to add late charges to your account.

They are one of the largest scam artists when it comes to cancelling services.

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My bill keep going up, up, and up so i cancelled them the service is horrible I would not ever give them any good review They are the biggest rip off do not get there service you will never be satisfied if it's a storm for get about watching Directv.


Gosh..after reading some of these comments I'm appalled. I've never had problems with DTV but I don't do auto billing. I suppose since ATT bought

them there must be a pucker factor amoung the troops.

Keyser, West Virginia, United States #965046

Yes they are.They put mine in collection for $542.00.

And it was their fault! When I moved they broke their agreement and didn't come move my service to my new home. So I got Dish that I love!

So this directv Account can stay on their forever for all I care!They are not fair at all!

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #961671

I had a past due of 144.00 and they put 444.00 on my credit report.


I had direct tv and cancelled the service because I was moving.About a month later they call and want the cable box back..

So I asked them where to send it. They told me it can only be shipped in a certain box, so I told them to send me that "special" box and I'd gladly send them the recover back. Then they told me that they had already sent that "special" box to my address that i had moved from and obviously I didn't get it. They said they can only send that box once and that I owed them $441.00.

What a bunch of jackasses!!

It's been 6 yrs and I refuse to pay it.Wonder if there is any way I could dispute that????

Baden, Niederosterreich, Austria #388762

Direct Tv never informed me about there cancellation fee..I got there service through the phone..

i cancelled it between 3 days because i did not like it.. Guess what they send me a bill to pay $443.10. I told them i won't pay it.. they put it into collection to damage my credit.

After 5 month.. collection call me to settle the pay.. if i pay half they will write everything off for me.. P aid half...

After 3 years i check my credit it the remaining half was still there.. they lied to me.. I called them.. they said they have no account of the collection agency that handle my case..




A short time after signing up with DirecTv I had to cancel.It was a situation that could not be avoided and I knew I would get hit with the ETF, again, it could not be avoided.

When I canceled, the agent told me after the equipment was returned my card on file would be debited the "final" billed amount. I recieved a bill for double stating I did not return the equpiment, ugh bf didn't do it!! We called, said it's in route back to them- no problem they said, give me a call in a week to see if we processed it. I did, and they did- great!

My final bill was adjusted the equipment charge and I was then told that they would debit the card on file. A few weeks later, I get a bill for the final bill (minus equipment) so I call to see what it's about. I was told that because there was an amount due, it went out automatically. I inquired about them debiting my card, I was told that there has to be a period of 20 days with no activity for them to charge my card, and the credit of the equipment was activity, with the 20 count starting over, my card would be debited on 4-1-11.

I told him that I would pay but I don't want to double pay if they were going to auto charge my card. He said no problem, just wait until 4-1, it's only about a week away. They never did, and now I've been sent to collections. I was denied a supervisor, when I demanded one, I was told that they wouldn't talk to me because I was a collection case.

I paid the bill, was given an...

I asked for the notations from my account which she read back to me, stating that they would debit my card, but since that's not policy, that's why collections occured.She told me: "what do you think happens when you don't pay your bills!"

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to valxmas3 #623291

what collection agency was this ???



I recently found out by running my credit report on www.TrueCredit.com that DIRECTV had reported to EQUIFAX that I owed them $633 from 02/2007.Unfortunately, I have never been a DIRECTV subscriber and I never had business with them.

I called DIRECTV’s customer service to describe the situation and after providing them with my name, address, and phone number, they agreed that I did no have an account with them. I asked DIRECTV where they got my name and address to file the report with Equifax and they could not answer. I also asked them how Equifax could add this debt to my credit report when I did not have an account with DIRECTV, they could not answer either. By then I was appalled and wondered how could credit report companies such as Equifax defame people before the world based on incomplete, wrong, false, and bogus information?

Now my problem is that since I did not have and I do not have an account with DIRECTV, how can DIRECTV recall this report from Equifax? I also found out by getting to the Equifax website that Equifax had sold my case to another company called CSC Credit Services. I contacted this company by using its website so that they started an investigation. A week later, I received a letter from them asking me to mail copies of my birth certificate, my drivers’ license, my social security card, and copies of utilities services so that they could fully identify me in order to start an investigation.

I am still deliberating...

If the people who were DIRECTV subscribers think they had a bad experience and bad deal with DIRECTV, think about me who was never a DIRECTV customer and yet was defrauded and defamed by DIRECTV, Equifax, and CSC Credit Services.To this day, I am still waiting for an email reply or a letter from DIRECTV’s Customer Service department acknowledging they recalled the false report from Equifax and CSC Credit Services.

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to Alfredo Gutierrez #623293

ok mm to my knowledge Equifax owns csc credit servs

and on a personal lvl i would not give out that information they should only need the last 4 of your ssn and your full name

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