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I was fooled into getting the bundle with centurylink..i canceled centurylink because their max mbps was 1.5...even though i told them i had a business that needs 20+mbps. I tried to cancel directtv but they said i sigbed a 24 month lease, to get out of it is $20 per month left on lease.

I canceled directtv and they used my card without permission to charge me $600. I criwd fraud to bank, and they refunded me

Now a month later, i get a bill from directtv for$900...really???

Im in talks with counsel looking to file a lawsuit or class action against these unconscionable business practices.

George.fritter at gmail dot com. Leta band together. Email your stories to me.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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When you canceled the service you gave them permission to use the card read section 5. You got the money back in a dispute but when the dispute is closed in their favor the money is clawed back by the bank, you cannot claim fraudulent charge with a signed agreement. Wait till it hits your credit report


Just because it was in section whatever, doesn't matter. You can make whatever laws you want; whether its legal or not is up to a judge or jury to decide.

Lame effort, and not effective on your part, and its not surprising considering who you are...Anonymous.

Lmfao! ..scrub.


So what your saying is your signed agreement means nothing, you have already proved that you are a deadbeat by not living up to the agreement that YOU signed. But let's look at it another way cell phone contacts you agreed to x amount of years and give them a deposit (in this case you gave your credit card for the deposit) you stop service before x should you get your deposit back?

The answer is no because you did not fulfill the agreement. You gave your credit card as a deposit, you failed to complete the agreement terms they took the deposit period.

Call your bank ask them this question can you take the money back if I loose the dispute they will say yes, then follow up with is a signed agreement using my debit card as a deposit grounds to deny the claim. You have the chutzpah to call me names when I point out SPECIFICALLY where to look in the agreement that you legally signed of your own free will because last I checked the DirecTV reps did not give you "the godfather offer of your signature or your brains are going on this contact" 1