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I originally got Directv for the NFL package. It started 4 yrs ago at $220 yr and has since gone up to $300 yr (yes, in this economy). When I got a HD TV, I had to pay $10 month more for HD, which i agreed to.

When it was time to sign up for NFL package in 2009, much to my surprise, I was getting the games without HD. I was told it was another $100 for 18 weeks. I was annoyed and called Directv; the assclown on the phone said that was the price, wouldn't budge; now I was furious, I was never told this; my wife called and they agreed to include it for the year. I swore I would not get NFL package and have been waiting for the contract to expire.

I now changed to an HD TV in another room and needed a new HD box; was told it was $99 plus another $7 month for HD and a 2 yr contract extension. They send me to another asslcown and he agrees to *** monthly fee (nice flim-flam policy rules they have).Still wants 2 yr extension. I see on the website that HD is free for all new customers (old customers still pay $10 month, but I don't see where they charge for each TV.

DirecTV customer service is a bunch of boiler room monkeys that try to chisel customers without any rules/ethics. I am leaving and going to Comcast.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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When i saw the add for DTV free hd for Life.. I gave DTV a call..and just a short talk with DTV they had gave me free HD for 24 months..

After that deal runs out I'll try again.. It's who you talk with and getting the right person on the right day.. I also look at this way.. I did the math Cable vs Sat..

Sat.. your getting far more Chan. for the price vs Cable with less chan..

for the same price.. again It's who you talk with


Comcast IS expensive, but you know what you are paying for up front and their customer service is exceptional. DirecTV practices bait & switch tactics and it is almost impossible to get someone on the phone without horrendous wait times and when you do get through, they keep transferring you.

I almost went with DirecTV through Qwest, but I'm glad I checked them out before the installer arrived. I cancelled 3 days before the appt. and they had already charged me a $19.95 handling fee which they said will be refunded within 3-5 business days.

I thought it was illegal to charge for services & equipment before you received them.

"larry the directv guy" has no manners, whatsoever. I just read another abusive complaint from him regarding another DirecTV complaint and will probably find more as I go along.


Sounds like larry the directv monkey is an installer. My installer left wires hanging from the ceilings and excess wires all over the basement floor.

This was after the first guy failed to show up, the next guy said I couldn't get HD due to trees, and the third was able to do it no problem, sans the mess.

Consistency again. Don't get me started on the *** refabbed boxes which don't work after @18 months and they want you to buy or lease another refabbed box and charge $$ and sign up again.


Your the assclown!Free for life is only for new customers that agree to auto bill pay.Its not $10 for every hd,I imagine the other $7 is for dvr service,do you have an HDDVR?As for NFL,its all hd now.What the h e l l is wrong with you people?I want this for free,I want that for free,b itch,b itch b itch.What kind of business (successful) gives all there best stuff away for free?None! That would be idiotic,like you!Comast!Good luck,and enjoy less for more$$$


As a new customer you can get hd free for life as long as you sign up for auto-bill pay. With existing customers you can get up to 2yrs of free hd when you sign up for auto-bill pay.

The $7 that the first CSR quoted you probably told you that on accident (dvr access is $7) As far as extending your contract, you have been with them for 4yrs, would this really have been that big of a deal? You no longer need to add a separate package to get every game every Sunday in crystal-clear HD*. It's now included with NFL SUNDAY TICKETâ„¢.

SOOOOOO???? Have fun with comcast you'll be back!!!


Hope your contract is up or you can expect early cancellation fees + they also try to charge you for the boxes that you have to return to them(they will say they did not get them) so make sure you get a tracking#. AGood idea is.. if they have you credit card# or bank account# change or close these before you cancel service.They will then turn you over to collections and you will have to fight with them.Go to ehow and read the comments written on how to avoid/reverse early cancellation fees with DTV.You will find all your answers on ehow.