Valencia, California

After many years of DirecTV, I upgraded to High-Def. To do this, I had to lease new equipment, even though my 10-year old receiver was still working.

9 months later, my new standard definition reciever stopped working, no power on, nothing. DirecTV wanted to charge me $19.95 to provide a replacement. When I asked why should I pay to replace a piece of equipment (leased at that) less than a year old, I was put on hold for over 10 minutes.

Then I was informed I could pay for an extended warranty - on leased equipment! Never use DirecTV, they make you use their equipment, but you still have to pay if it breaks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Replacement.

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My family and I ordered directv about 6 years ago.

The bill each year was getting higher every year

and at the end the bill was 170.00 a month.

We could not afford the cost any more so I

stopped the service and sent the equipment back.

Now they said that they received the 4 boxes and put me on hold awhile then say they don't have the boxes. Its been 9 weeks and now they want 495.00 for the boxes that they already have.


VERY IMPORTANT: I called in regards to a “Shipping and Handling” fee that was charged to our Credit Card. We were NEVER informed about this charge.

The supervisor who I eventually got on the line yesterday was very rude to me and kept reiterating that we were told on the phone (by the setup guy) and at the time of installation (by the installer). I could not believe this, like he was the one who did both? This charge was supposedly in the paperwork we had received from the technician (installer) who came out, Do you may want to come to my house and look at the paperwork the technician gave us because it says no where on the 2 pages we received from him about this charge. If only I would've recorded the conversations both with the phone setup guy and the installer, neither told us we would be charged for this “Shipping and Handling” of the equipment.

This is OUTRAGEOUS. I AM SO FURIOUS with DIRECT TV. This is exactly why we switched from COMCAST, because of the hidden fees. Thanks Direct TV, We will not be renewing with you unless we get this hidden charge taken off our credit card.

I wouldn’t be wasting my time right now for such a miniscule charge, but the fact, I REPEAT, that it wasn’t mention to us, is very underhanded and tricky on your part. You haven’t heard the end of this.


Wow I would have got Directv but the way realist just acted im gonig to pick somone else, I don't care that you pay extra but to see an employee talk like this is really bad so just from that you lost a sale


wow - realist.. you sound like the BEST costumer service rep! So nice and helpful - great attitude!


I hate to tell you realist but Leased cars are almost always new and are covered by the factory warranty.


Direct TV charges me $10 per month per leased receiver and I can guarantee you if one of my receivers goes bad they will be paying to ship it to me or I will switch to cable. The receiver itself only cost


Wow, you like to tell just what you have to, to make a company look bad. First of all, the $19.95 was a shipping and handling fee, that is required to ship out anything, regardless of how special you think you are.

I have been with them for years so I know what "fees" your talking about, electronics fail, its what happens, I would like to meet the person who has never had an electronic fail. The what you call "extended warrenty" is the directv protection plan (fyi both satalite companies have this) What the directv protection plan does is gives you technical support that is only for customers with a protection plan, it also pays for any shipping and handling fees if the receivers fail (since direct, as with most electronics, only have a 90 day warrenty, this is called LIFE), the protection plan also covers remote control replacement for normal wear and tear, as well as free service calls. GUESS WHAT I HAVE THE PROTECTION PLAN, just like I have insurance on my LEASED CAR, because wow, although I dont own the car, I only lease it, ford wont fix it for free, go figure.

Stop being petty. If you dont want to pay the fees, get the insurance "protection plan" if you dont want to pay the monthly fee for that, deal with the fees you will be charge for as a result.


Funny, I have the protection plan and they still charged me. When I called them, their standard answer was "there are no notes on your account".