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I have been with DIRECTV for 6 months of a 2 year contract. I am trying to upgrade to the Whole Home DVR Service you can "supposedly" order online.

1. You can't order it online, because there is an unadvertised $100 equipment fee and $50 installation fee. I was ok with this when I learned the nature of it and spoke with a Technical Support person. Disappointed it wasn't advertised in the initial offering on their website.

2. But the order when very South when they told me I also had to pay a $50 "credit history" fee, because I am still fairly new with DIRECTV. But...I don't get it. They put a thousand bucks of equipment in my house, no problems or questions asked. But when I want a $100 part to make the Whole Home work, now suddenly they aren't ok with this? 790 credit score, hello??? This fee is not disclosed in their Customer Agreement, for obvious reasons, namely that some people might not sign up for the service if they got hit with a $50 additional charge for an upgrade. This was not a DEPOSIT which gets fed back in, but a CHARGE. This fee isn't a "credit" charge, it's a revenue enhancer to make up for the rebates I got when I signed up. PERIOD.

I have written and called multiple times, but they aren't waiving this fee.

Waiting for one last response before I take it to the Board of Directors and to my local TV station troubleshooter.

I am withholding my future orders for MLB Extra Innings at $211 per season, not ordering any more PPV, and cancelling my premium channels.

AVOID DIRECTV, their service is even worse than my old Cable Company.

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Silivri, Istanbul, Turkey #216109

I have received horrible customer service with them the last few months. Last year, it was great, and I am not sure what changed.

However, it is awful. I ended up filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau over the unethical business practices since I could not get anyone to answer my questions.

There are tons of complaints against them as well as a lawsuit in another state and a petition to the FTC. I think that says a lot.


Directtv sucks - They advertise Home tv for and additional $3 monthly charge - they now tell me I need a $199 receiver and $99 installation charge - that is just rediculous - I just paid those fees 1 yr ago when I went to HD DVR, so that would be $600 in installation fees in less than 2 years! :(


what the big print giveth,the small print taketh away.If your installer was worth his weight in beans,which im absolutly sure he was not,they would have been honest with you.You should have been given your lease agreement before any work had begun.But on top of that,shame on all you.This is America,OF COURSE your getting screwed.Do more research!!!


If your Directv receivers are already hooked up to your home network, you most likely don't need the LNB and switch upgrades or the "adapters". As for a technical manager and tell them just to turn on the service.

I did.

Worked like a charm. Saved $157.


it is my understanding Dish also uses Direct's dirty little charges so be careful with Dish also


I am so sorry you have had problems with these jerks also. I have tried to reach customer support for 3 days and have been on the phone for hours listening to elevator music without getting to talk to one person who can speak english.

I have had their junk in my house for a year and have had problems for 9 months! The DVR has not worked right for months and does not work at all now. I can't believe they can hold you to a contract when they do not furnish the service and have absolutely NO tech support!

I am going to switch to DISH and they can try to get me to pay their monthly bills if they want to. :(

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