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DirecTV refused to allow the early cancellation of my mother's account, even though she had passed away from brain cancer two weeks ago. I explained that I had set up the account in my name as she was incapable of making arrangements on her own. I further explained that her apartment building had an exclusive arrangement with DirecTV so no other cable or satellite service was available. They expressed their condolences for my loss, but would not make an adjustment to their policy that because she had a 24-month contract they were unable to waive their $360 cancellation fee.

I offered the lady an opportunity to change her mind and help out a family who had just lost their mother, or go to war over her inability and unwillingness to bend the rules to 'do the right thing.' She persisted that we had a 'valid contract' and they were unable to waive the early termination fee. I vowed to spread the DirecTV bad name all over the internet unless she would relent and she stuck with her one line. I hung up and will NEVER call back.

I will campaign on as many poor customer service web sites as I can find to let people know that DIRECTV cheated my dead mother.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $360.

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I am first going to say sorry for ur loss . I kno u feel directv robbed ur mom but in all reality it was not ur mothers acct it was in ur name regardless of who was watching the service if was ur mothers acct would of been waived since it was in ur name an u were alive an breathing that is why u were charged its sad to say but if customers would read their contract they would see everything directv is doing they clearly outlined it in the contract


as a directv employee i can tell you that we do (or i do ) waive early disconnect fees on an account of a person that has passed we will ask for a copy of the death cert. and then all fees are waived there are only 3 reasons that we will waive a contract 1.

passed away 2. no line of sight confirmed by a teck supervisor 3. deployed by the u.s. gov.

any retention agent can override these fees or forward them to a supervisor to be removed they will not be charged unless the proper doc.'s are not recieved within the alloted time frame,contrary to popular belief we do notpull your c.c.

number or bank acct. # from thin air the customer PROVIDES these #'s they are kept on file from day one


:) I'm happy to report that DirecTV contacted me within 48 hours after I posted on this site and several others and offered to waive the early termination fee. Apparently they must have some people who monitor consumer complaint sites and they had a very quick response.

I only wish that their customer service supervisors were empowered with the same authority to make the adjustment.


I agree with Maew, you had the account. You could have set the account up in your mother's name and had the billing address different than the service address.

If you were the one responsible for paying her bill, they would have gladly sent her statement to your address for you to pay...I have set up account like this for care givers.

I am just saying you are alive and well and in a contract. ;)


Your mother did not have an account with Directv...YOU DID! And you are still alive and heathly to keep paying your bill :grin


I am very sorry for the loss of you Mother. DirectTV is the Dirtiest Crooks that you will ever deal with!

You might try filing a complaint(online) with the BBB,FTC and Attorney General in your state and tell them you story,they may be able to help you get out of this contract.One more thing, before you cancel service,if DTV has your credit card # or bank account# on file you may want to change these #'s or close the accounts so DTV cannot place further charges on them. They will charge you early termination fees or $20 per month for every month left on cantract +try to charge you nonreturned box fees.

DTV has millions of complaints on the web on various sites and with the BBB. Please if you need any mor help with this email meat: mstephens01@hotmail.com