Why would you want to promote this type of behavior? Having someone throw another person’s possessions out a window does not promote your product.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is clearly assault and attempted battery ! Hypothetically, could have killed him, if not avoided by him.

Domestic Violence by man or woman is never funny ! The outcry, if they had switched positions !


Who is woman voice on the direct tv commercial???


Seriously? Just a commercial dude


I couldn't agree more!


if she threw my guitar out the window, the next thing being tossed out would be her f'n tv!


Don't agree to the ad showing someone throwing clothes and personal items out the window. This is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and setting a bad example to the younger generation.

Another ad you have is also horrible.

The woman doing the voice doesn't pronounce ANNUAL correctly/annunciate properly, and it sounds like {{REDACTED}} CONTRACT. SOMEONE NEEDS TO CHANGE YOUR ADS AS THEY ARE PRETTY *** RIGHT NOW.


with direct tv hurting as they are it is one of the most offensive ads i have ever viewed. bye, bye direct tv .

too late for new ad campaign. dump everything quickly if you're wise.


I concur. Propagating the trope that men are dogs and women are crazy is insulting to both genders.


Why does it have to be a black woman? Are they usually angry and can’t control their emotions?


This is the worst commerical I've seen in a very, very long time. What if a guy was throwing his girlfriend's personal possessions out the third story window and then smirked afterwards. Perfectly acceptable?I'll never ever buy DirectTV and this makes me want to cancel my AT&T contract.


My firts reaction as well.


They should make part 2 of this commercial where the guy calls the police,charges are pressed, she is subsequently arrested and sits in jail next to Carry Underwood who destroyed her boyfriend’s 4 wheel drive.


Maybe "he" cheated because she was a crazy harpy. Two sides to every story...


That's domestic violence being promoted!!!! I guess since its the year of the woman, it's ok!!! Domestic Violence is never ok regardless of the gender!!!


Yea, let’s celebrate discord and irrational behavior. Nice takeaway! Will never buy that product


I detest this ignorant commercial. Don’t we already see enough ugliness in the news and on TV


Right on, sister (?) ...!Everyone seems ever more hypnotized by what I call 'mediated experience'.We should not underestimate the corrosive influence of this on both children and 'grownups'...Whenever you see recent footage of any public event like a rock concert, political rally, etc,. one can't but notice that at least a quarter of the audience is watching the entire thing through their tiny bacteria-ridden (much worse than a public toilet, it is said) 'smart' phones, wondering how they can buff their tiny egos by making some contribution to the general ignorance via Twit-ster, etc... Welcome to the plantation!


Wonder what kind of electronic box she threw out. Uverse box maybe..


Well, the guitar thing deeply offends me (I'll never watch a Tarantino film again, if anyone knows what I'm talking about).But I joyfully throw that kind of cheap junk out the window all the time!I'm a technician by trade... I think they must have removed the case screws to make it fly apart like that.

Now THAT'S funny!I notice most of the debate here is over violence, sexism, etc. Were you all born yesterday?


Watching that guitar hit the ground is the complete opposite of entertainment for me! I have no use for anyone who thinks that was funny in any sense! Whatever arrogant yuppie twerp came up with that idea is bound for an eternity of torture in ***


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