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I live in Vermont and the only TV provider available to me is Directv. I pay a significant monthly fee to watch television.

BUT, what's up with all the commercials? I remember the day when cable service sold their service by not having commercials. That's why you paid a fee. Then it progressed to 1 minute commercials between shows.

Now, most commercial breaks are over 4 minutes with eight to ten different product Ads. Besides, most shows, while watching, have commercials and/or Logos at the bottom of the screen and many have moving people, objects dancing around the outer edges of the screen! And what has really pissed me off and the reason I just had to write this complaint is that they are started to cut or shorten the program to fit in a commercial and you miss a portion of the program that you are paying them to watch! This is really bad when you are watching, like I was, a cooking show, when after the commercial break of four minutes, I missed part of a recipe.

Just yesterday I missed a couple of crucial football plays because of this practice.

This total B.S. and I don't know what to do about this, but I'm sure it will only get worse.

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You do know directvhas no control over commercials it is the network that gets paid to air them