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I paid Directv on-line. They called me to say I havent paid them.

I explained I paid on Dec. 1st. He said I see where it has been posted but we haven't received the money from your bank. I explained it came out of my account so maybe you should have one of your accountants take another look.

THese conversations to about 15 different Directv reps. I was called a liar, told I was not all there. When if fact I had proof. Watch out if you have Directv they will close your account and take out any amount they feel.

It went from $229 to $684. They took almost $700 without my consent. They told me they can and they did.

I would advise to those who have DIRECTV cancel before they cancel you and charge you a lot of money. The Directv Company is scandalous....

Monetary Loss: $684.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #666414

If u read ur contract it tells u that if U cancel service bf contract end date any unpaid charges or non return fee if u don't send the money we take it off the cards on file an when u make a payment bf they charge the card they tell u card kept on file an can be used for all these things


Hey, larry the directv guy, I had to talk to 4 different DirecTV reps just to cancel my installation 3 days in advance and they had already charged me for a handling fee ($19.95) when they claim installation is free. I think your comment is out of line.

DirecTV IS a rip-off and there are many complaints on here which talk of extremely long waiting times to get someone on the phone and being transferred around to one person after another without resolving the issues, so you are the one who is full of @#it! Try and have some courtesy, will you please.


If you wrap your head in aluminum foil,they cant get to you.Really? 15 different reps? your full of @#it!

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