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Okay, so I am a pretty patient woman, but when I get HUNG up on 5, yes, 5 different times - you are going to hear it from me, assuming I can speak to an actual human being, and one that speaks english!

All I wanted was to enquire about their "bundle package" which includes a landline and internet. I was transferred 3 times. I hear them typing notes as I am asking questions Well, so I thought. When I finally got to the right department that was the first time I was hung up on. Called back again, thinking when my account info was pulled up the "notes" would be inputed --- NOT. This went on 2 more times. I was on hold for 43 minutes the 2nd time because they couldn't get me to the right department, I guess!

They need to get a better system going, better training, and perhaps hire people who can actually speak and understand the english language... FRUSTRATING!! What's funny is the experience I've had speaking to their billing department is entirely different.

After all that, I still haven't gotten any information on what I wanted. I am in the process of switching to comcast. I will read the reviews before hand though ....

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