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Called to Cancel service on Oct.27 2010 and customer service talked me out of cancelling and put me into Suspending my acct. for 6 obligation.

Called on Dec.18 to CANCEL (and was harassed by Ebony? ...Demanding I state a reason for Cancellation; and after struggling with the harassment she gave; & I was told she would send me my Recovery Kit & then was read their disclosure of cancellation which I agreed to. Never rec'd recovery Kit so called back on Dec. 29 and was told by Elizabeth that I did call in on Dec.18 and my acct.

was REACTIVATED not Cancelled where I clearly Cancelled...Explained my conversation above on the 18th to her and Cancelled my service again..and she HARRASED me ...she Demanded i give her a reason for Cancellation numerous times...put me on hold to talk to a supervisor, came back and offered a $100 credit to my acct., I said no, Cancel my acct., and she still Harassed me and would not let up...finally giving in she said she would send the Recovery Kit and she also read their Cancellation Disclosure. I called back on 01.10.11 explaining I have not received my recovery box and was told my acct. was still active and they would have to transfer me to the cancellation dept where I ended up with Alex, who insisted I state the reason for cancellation. I explained to him that all of that was on file, and I would not be repeating myself, that i have never ever been so harassed before and I would be reporting them...he immediately stopped the questioning and agreed to cancel my acct.I finally received my Recovery Box to return the unit/remote on 01.15.

All the while I was told i would not be charged on my card... which I have been since 12.18 when i called and clearly cancelled wand they reactivated it on purpose. I will NEVER do business with DIRECTV again.

Someone let the CEO know this is Bad Business to harass their clients, unprofessional and deceitful. I am awaiting a credit to my card.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I cancelled my account back in August. The person I spoke with tried VERY HARD to get me to keep my account, but I didn’t want it.

So, it was cancelled and then I received random charges that I shouldn’t have received. I called back and the person I spoke with nearly harassed me to get me to reactivate my account. I said no, I just want the fees waived and he said he had it taken care of. Then, I got a notification that I my account was reactivated.

I called in to ask why because I never reactivated it. The person I spoke with tried, again, to get me to reactivate my account, but finally she told me that the reactivation, THAT I DID NOT REQUEST, was taken care of. Then, there were additional fee wrongfully charged to my account. I called in a third time and finally spoke with someone who was very nice and was the first person who didn’t harass me to try to restart my account.

She told me that she was sorry for the issue and that she couldn’t see where I ever reactivated my account, but saw that for some reason it was reactivated. She, then, said she waived the fees. A week later, I received a notification that there was a $95 cancellation fee. At that point, I was so frustrated that I ignored the issue.

I completely forgot about it until a week ago when I started getting 5 calls a day from a Kentucky number. I called the number back and they said they were a collection agency for DIRECTV. I told them I wasn’t paying something that I didn’t owe.

Today, I called DIRECTV to get the issue resolved. The guy I spoke with said he had to have me called the DIRECTV number for disputes.

He gave me an 844 number, which turned out to be a number for the collection agency. So, I spoke with the guy with the collection agency and he told me that he would have to do a 3 way call in with DIRECTV. We spoke with a woman who went all through my account with me. She told me that the charge was for the cancellation of the reactivation, but that she could not see anywhere on my account that there was any communication from me to reactivate it.

She said she didn’t know what to do so she was going to contact billing. Instead, she transferred me somewhere else. The woman who answered verified my information and then transferred me to an account specialist. The account specialist had no idea what was going on with my account.

He told me that I was in “bad standing” with them, but that he was willing to help me out with it. Then, he started trying to tell me the deals that DIRECTV had right now and that he would really like to get me a good deal. I told him that I DO NOT want to reactivate and I proceeded to tell him everything I had been through. He responded by saying that would need to put me on hold.

About 2 minutes later, I was hung up on.

So, here I am with nothing resolved and multiple hours of my time wasted. I don’t even know how it is legal to treat someone so horribly and with such disrespect. I am not even sure how a company finds so many employees who are completely heartless and hateful. I will be calling back after work to try once again to get this sorted out, but I am sure I will, once again, get nowhere.

In fact, they will probably just charge me an additional fee just for calling in.

To anyone who even considers getting service with this company, I hope that you read this first and I hope that you run the other direction. There are so many other great options for TV that are far cheaper and that will never treat you like this.

No one should have to go through constant harassment for canceling a basic TV package. DIRECTV should be ashamed of themselves.


Signed up through Costco-kiosk. supposed to have been only billed 64.99 for the first year.

Wife handles monies and since account was billed direct to Credit Card she thought the billing of 105.99 was what it should be. 1 year later as I go to move to a new home I noticed the bill infraction. Call direct TV and they said that I never called in for the 25 dollar a month rebate and that I only had 90 days to do so. the remanding difference was when the Starz and show time they gave me free for 3 months went into Showtime only, I was billed for Starz due to me not canceling the programing, as I should have known as I don't watch either.

Called Credit Card to Cancel direct TV and Close down Account per suggestion on web to dispute claim and any future claims. B of A says that direct TV may still bill my credit card through law as it was Pre-authorized charge.

As B of A is quoting and knew DTV policies! MAD AS ALL GET OUT


A word to the wise:

I simply suggest you carefully compare your options before you subscribe to DirecTV AND EVEN AFTER. They pay more attention to "customer service" by phone than by service on-site.

Their well-trained phone reps obscure the high prices and often subpar service. Don't be lulled into complacency. YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN DIRECTV . .

. and if you do your homework, I'll confidently predict you'll save money and be happier with other providers.


Miss Amber..depending on how long it has been..if DTV placed a charge on your credit card you have a certain length of time to dispute the charge.If you do dispute the charge be aware if the money is returned to your account,you will need to close the credit card account but wait till the money is returned and don't tell your credit card of your plans. this will prevent DTV from recharging your account. Some banks will let you dispute the amount also.


Sounds pretty similar to what I went through with them. 6 months into my 2 year agreement, I moved to a place where DirecTV couldn't be installed.

I asked to have my account suspended and it apparently never got processed. I didn't realize the error till they debited my checking acct for $460. I called to find out why and they said my acct had been canceled for non-payment. I explained it should have been suspended and the lady I talked to checked my acct and said that she saw a note where I had requested a suspension and it never went through.

They promised me a refund in 2 weeks. 3 weeks later, no money back so I called again and they said that the refund would take 8 weeks. I complained and the manager said he'd expedite it and I'd have it in 2 days. 1 week later, still no money so I called back.

They said that I had never requested a suspension. Called back again and they said that I had requested a suspension, but since it didn't go through, my account got canceled. Apparently, when your acct gets canceled for non payment, they go through and remove all of the promotional discounts, late technician credit, referral discounts, introductory rates, etc. By the time they reversed all of the promo deals, according to them I owed $300 plus $200 for the non returned equipment.

They refused to refund my money. Claims with the BBB, FTC, and various consumer advocate agencies got me nowhere. Apparently, the right to reverse discounts and credits upon termination is buried somewhere in their contract - a contract that I never received.

If they had suspended my acct when I asked, my acct never would have been canceled, but they refuse to take responsibility for the error. Never got my money back and will NEVER do business with DirecTV again.