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I have been a loyal customer of DIRECTV since 2006 and I have never been treated so horribly until I spoke to your billing supervisor (“Ed” located in South Carolina ID# tpcl458836). I called regarding a billing issue because I was previously told on 1/14/13 by another representative that my account would be credited $15.00 per month since I was “loyal” customer and I was unhappy with the current increase in my bill. This was has been the normal routine for years since DIRECTV is interested in keeping me as a customer, which I appreciated. However, on 3/1/13 at approximately 8:20 pm eastern time, I spoke to your billing department and they have completely let me down in the way they dealt with my billing issue. In fact, your customer service representative suggested that I wait until the 14th of each month and incur a late fee just to get a credit of $10.00, which makes absolutely zero sense. I asked your supervisor to refer to the previous notations on the account because this is what I was told and he said he is not able to refer to these notes. At this point I knew that this supervisor was not willing to assist me in this issue.

Needless to say, I was very infuriated and asked the supervisor to cancel the service and give me the information for the corporate office to file a FORMAL complaint. He then provided the information and stated that the service will be canceled effective “today” 3/1/13.

I have always tried to remain a DIRECTV customer throughout the years, however based on the one individual’s actions; I choose to deal with Comcast and CANCEL this service with DIRECTV after 7 years or service. I will also be sure to spread the word about the terrible customer service I received.

Thank you.

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