After 10 years as a DirecTV customer, I now expect poor customer service. You can sign up for anything online but can only discontinue something by talking to customer service, always painful.

I just wanted receiver return boxes sent before we move. Seems simple, right? But the only option is to disconnect your service weeks before you actually move so the boxes have time to arrive OR take the receivers with you. You have 21 days once the boxes are sent to return the equipment, or you are charged.

They, however, can't guarantee the boxes will arrive as promised.

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My husband and I have Direct Tv customers for over 10 years. We have always paid the same price for the Sunday Ticket and have been told that thius price would never change- this year they raised the price.When we called to complain they were jerks as usual and said that is the new price.

We have switched to Dish Network. Customer service is MUCH better.


Supervisors at phone call centers are all 20 something year old mails on power trips who ignore and berate customers for losing their tempers. Thats if you don't get hung up on.

Night time supervisors have no power to do anything and I believe their SOP is to frustrate the customer until he/she hangs up. Consistently bad don't fix issues and they pass the buck.


Dirct tv took money( $220) out of my account for early cancellation fee. I fulfilled my 2 year contract and now they said it will take 6-8 weeks to get my money back.

I have made several attempts to call customer service to get my money back but have been disconnected several times. IF you ever need to speak to a supervisor, you will be hung up on.

Horrible company. Never do business with them

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