I didn't always hate DirecTV, but after 10 years of flawless service something has gone terribly wrong. I bought a new TV, and when I hooked it up to my converter, a message said I needed a new box.

I called them about that and a nice person said someone would bring a new box, and I said well as long as you are coming, I want to install a second service site and will need wiring for that and we can relocate the existing converter box - well - that's when things went wrong - the tech pulled the wires to the site where I wanted service, but left with my old converter box - leaving the second site incomplete.

I have called them and they have told me that someone will call me back from installation but no one ever calls - they changed the address on my account to some random address that doesn't even exist. Talking to real people when you can find them is like talking to a wall - all I wanted was more service, instead I get frustration and headaches.

Review about: Directv Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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