I work for Directv in customer service and I have realized why so many customers are not getting the help they want....the customer service reps have been battered and bruised by the callers and it has made them numb to the complaints.

I have answered the phone politely asking for the phone number on the account only to be cussed out before I am even told what the problem is. While trying to solve problems that I didn't cause...I have been called every name in the book. Customers call in with every lie you could imagine from...'oh, i must have sat on the remote and ordered 15 adult movies and now I want credit for them' to 'I know my bill is 2 months behind but you had no right to cutoff my program, it's not my fault the post office is taking 3 weeks to get the payment to you'.

Customers call in with the same teary stories....'I'm on a fixed income, I can't afford this bill, can you credit my account'---here's my answer to that--credit DENIED--IT'S TV--NOT OXYGEN AND YOU'RE NOT GONNA DIE IF YOU DON'T WATCH HBO TONIGHT. Quit whining about the bad customer service you're getting because you are the people who made us customer service reps what we are. We are mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc. Would you talk to your family as horribly as you talk to the strangers trying to resolve your Directv problems?

You know the famous line from the movie 'Waiting'..."Don't f*** with the people who fix your food"---same goes for dealing with customer service reps--Don't f*** with the people who control your tv programs and billing.

Use the Golden Rule--treat others the way you'd like to be treated--you'll get much better results.

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I agree.Iv been doing DirecTV customer service for a while and the customers think they are entitled to everything and can belittle the same employees they are asking for assistance.

They don't understand we hear the same thing all day everybody has a complaint our job is to let you vent and offer a solution and we may not say what you want to hear and that's when the customers throw abtekper tantrum. One man called me a lazy *** told me to go pick cotton because I couldn't lower his bill. Read what you sign up for DirecTV is a luxury not a required service. If you want it you need to pay for it.

You can't call the gas company and complain.So don't think you can railroad us into doing things just because were customer service.


I was trying to remove some premium channels aaaand all customer service could do was to waste my time offerring me more *** packages that dont help me. Then they connect me to some asshat named "gary from the south" who got frustrated with my mom. If youre terrible at customer service, maybe you should find a job elsewhere....


They are not numb. The employees I have communicated with on this site are rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. Here are some of the responses I received to a complaint. And Directv / Direct TV has become morally corrupt with a greed only mandate. I give you personal credit for trying to explain your coworkers actions but those actions are reprehensible and have no defense.

• DTV Billing dept

Jun 27 from Denver, Colorado

No threat was ever made or implied, just the fact that myself and others will laugh at you for being a cry baby, the HD for a year is something we give people to get them off the phone because we are tired the crying and ranting, so I want to thank you for giving your city information and already sent a text to my buddy who's gonna get me the information tmr we will pass your information around like a joint in a drum circle and I can only hope that one day I get you on the phone and I promise you that it will be a a day you will not forget and I really hope that your service does'nt have anymore problems (laughing face).

• DTV Billing dept

Jun 28 from Denver, Colorado

BTW: i'm not too worried about getting sued by a gimp with stage 4 cancer as he is aware (maybe not if the drugs are keeping him drooling and watching cartoons in between diaper changes) I have a right to say what I want when I want, it is called the 1st amendment, when I am at work I have to do what is in the guidelines, lucky for me they are very loose on what I HAVE to give crying customers, I have the lowest amount of credit given out and am very proud of that stat, I get a bigger bonus because all my metrics are met and exceeded and that is because I don't give a *** about if your way or not I care that I get a $3000 bonus every December.

• DTV Billing dept

Jun 25 from Yucaipa, California

Try and call dell tell them you lost all your data and you want free stuff, they will tell you to go to ***, why should it be any different for DTV because you THINK you deserve something does not make it so, This is more the tactic of a 3 year old throwing a fit.

• DTV Billing dept

Jun 26 from Denver, Colorado

I am not going to sugar coat anything, electronics failure live with it, you are one of the people who think they are ENTITLED to everything they want and I am here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED to free stuff. it does not matter if you pay for the $30 or $250 a month, if you called your car finance company and told them your transmission went out and don't feel you should have to pay the entire car payment they will laugh at you and you get to say hello to the repo men, then lets address the fact your going to cry you have to pay $10 for HD when new customers get it free lets take the car example again lets say you got a 2013 model year in 01/01/2013 and pay 20,000 for it then today that same model is 18,000 should your finance company knock 2000 off your bill, Throw a fit cry like a 3 y/o in kmart, you are a sad person, spoiled entitled little brat, BTW: there is 2 people named michael in the presidents office both of them good friends of mine I will go and seek them out maybe get your acct info take a look at your equipment once in awhile get a good laugh


I have to agree with this post. It does not matter what company we are talking about-- customers ALWAYS try to complain their way into benefits from the service providers.

Customer service is NOT the problem, DIRECTV sellers are because they do not provide possible clients with sufficient information regarding the service they are purchasing.

In conclusion, I do believe everyone who replied to this post relied on emotions rather than factual information concerning DIRECTV.

next time you guys call any company to complain ask to deal with your seller if you want to lash out on anyone.


Listen peeps.I'm sorry if you have problems.

Just keep in mind... THE CUSTOMER SERVICE JOB SUCKS big time. It isn't an easy position to be in.

I'm sorry if you are having trouble with your television, but ***!chill out for a second.


I was sold one package and charged for a higher package.I was as polite as I could be after spending a total of 10 hours on the phone with a lot of nice customer service reps that were as nice as could be but all had the same answer that even though they put the package in wrong there was nothing I could do.

I made it all the way to the office that I was told could fix it and was very rudly told that there was nothing I could do and she was going to write it up as "I agreed to the package". When I told her I did not agree to the wrong package I was told the matter was no longer going to be discussed with me and it was going to be put in as I agreed and then got hung up on.

This made me put in a complaint with the Better Bussiness Bureau and got it resolved.I understand where the reps are coming from but they need to understand where we are coming from when things are put in wrong on your side of the plate.


:sigh so, how are we people who are polite and nice when we call about a problem supposed to know that someone else was rude to you and why do you think you can take it out on the rest of us??? If you are using "numb" as an excuse to be rude and obnoxious then GET OUT!!! Your type of rep is just making the problem worse.


Wow, what arrogance by the writer of this post!

First, let me say that I am a big believer in the golden rule and try to abide by it. I will also say that I have never once used any sort of obscenity and my bill is always current. I also do not whine about charges that are legitimately mine but I will call if I am being incorrectly charged for something and do not appreciate speaking to someone who is condescending or ***. I always start off each conversation being pleasant and trying to explain my situation, only to be talked to in a rude and demeaning manner and also have to explain myself again and again because the representantive at DirecTV is too ignorant to understand what I am saying or keeps interrupting me as I am trying to explain the problem.

Along the same lines as rude customer service reps, the installers are just as bad. Everytime I have had one at my house, they whine about the long hours they put in as well as their workload and I have yet to have one show up on time for an appointment.

Also, please know that DirecTV does not make good on their promotional offers and make no attempt to correct their error when it's brought to their attention.

Bottom line - DirecTV has been a tremendous disappointment and I cannot wait to be rid of them.


Rocky lol your a tech and you have to call us!Look in the mirror buddy boy...

If you can't fix it, it might be time for you to do some training.How on earth do you expect to fix someone else's problems when u can't fix your own DTV problem...


You know, I find all this funny. I work for directv and I strive to solve every problem. I have done customer service since I started working and I have a few tips for both sides. For the reps:

1. never threaten the customers, people are going to *** whine and cuss b/c its their hard earned money, if you paid for electricity and did not get it you would be pissed. Sure its not vital but it is nice just like TV

2. Take pride in your job, I get cussed daily and I smile b/c I know I am helping and having empathy with the customer to get it fixed, get it right. Put yourself in their shoes.

now the customers:

1. Yeah its a pain for you to work with a rep, but if this keeps you from having to wait for a tech its a bonus. Be patient and sometimes its just the input on your tv

2. Be specific, if you just say it does not work, it takes longer or if you say my bill is wrong, it once again makes it harder to get it fixed faster. We are trained to ask a lot of questions, you can ask us questions too. it makes it much faster for you.

Lastly, fine print is the work of the devil, read all the fine print, both sides... don't get suckered into deals with fine print. ASK QUESTIONS!

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