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My wife & I were happy Dish TV satellite customers for about 3 years when we received one of many offers from DIRECTV to change our provider at lower monthly cost. We made at least 4 separate phone inquiries about the quality of service, availability of local & some other channels, and various other questions.

All customer service persons assured us DIRECTV had all kinks worked out, specifically local station reception/transmission problems, prices quoted were guaranteed for 24 monthsand we would be 'locked in' for 24 months. In addition, if we wanted to cancel service prior to the 24 months we would have to pay an 'early cancellation fee' of $480.00 prorated over 24 months. The man who installed the system also said 'all bugs were solved' (or to that effect. He also explained we were 'locked in' for 24 months.

He also showed us on the contract PRIOR to us signing that “Genie HD DVR or any HD DVR, you agree to pay a monthly Advanced Receiver fee ($20,00).” This is exactly as it appears on the contract we have in our possession. As we were informed on our calls, he stated AFTER the 24 months prices would probably increase.As I had just started a P/T minimum wage job after being unemployed over 2 years & my wife not working, this lower total cost helped solve some problems.We had problems with reception from the first day. As the installer had given us his cell phone number to call him if any problems, I did. (He said he lived only a mile from us & would be right down if we needed him.) After several phone calls over 2, maybe 3 days, I called the main DIRECTV number.

A repair man was sent out. He checked a few things & said we should be ok. I believe we were told then that our problems were 'Known software issues being worked on'. We wanted the Genie replaced & he said he couldn't.We continued to have problems.

We continued to call DIRECTV & were being told 'known software issues' with no date available of when would all the issues be resolved. Over the course of the next few months, we continued to experience numerous problems, with some being resolved & some new ones cropping up. We were told thru many, many phone calls that 'known software issues' & when one issue is resolved, new problems are created. We were told we could not cancel service or be charged the $20.00 per month 'cancellation fee' which we consider PUNITIVE DISCENTIVES.

We are/were furious. Remember, we had a well liked wonderful system with DISH TV & extremely sorry we changed systems to DIRECTV! Most, if not all, calls to DIRECTV the tech had us 'reset' the Genie box. This takes at least 5- 10 minutes & screws up anything you are watching &/or recording on both TV's.

Tech usually wants you to do it at least twice per call. In addition, we have had to reset the Genie many, many other times too. We have lost, been interrupted, etc. numerous programs due to this & other problems & the price is going up!!

We were offered & took a $10.00 credit early in the phone calls.Following is a partial list of problems encountered:-Called again with NO TV SERVICE AT ALL Friday Dec, 21st (6 days after having new service installed) & told no tech could come until 12/23 at the earliest.-No TV service on 2nd TV 12/24 & 12/25 after a service call.-No TV service on main TV 12/26. Screen said 'Sorry, we are aware of problem, no need to call' (Picture of screen was taken & is available on request.)-Screen often goes black for up to 10 minutes, most only a few seconds or less.-Take show you are watching off of pause & no sound for up to 10 seconds or more. Then you need to 'rewind' to catch what you missed.-Pixel distortion entirely too often.-12/29 had a lot of sound problems.-Getting message 'unstable signal' & then 'no signal' on a clear sunny day.-Unable to access any programs in morning without resetting the Genie (This shuts off all programs to the other TV that is in use at the time too.)-Many movies recorded were only partially recorded do to Genie trouble & useless.-Could only 'pause' show for 5-10 seconds before automatically starting to play again.-Even replacing the batteries in both remotes several times, remote would not function at all. Both remotes would work on one TV but neither on the other TV> (We were told 'new software issue').

This went on for at least a week, probably more. Even to the point of not being able to watch any program at all if you just watched a recorded movie/show. You had to wait until the next day to be able to watch any TV programs.-On 3rd or 4th tech visit (March 8th) found Genie was 'wired up backwards'. Resulting in a 26 volt feed back to the satellite dish.

This did not solve all issues.-Same area of picture had a small section of pixels black for quite a while. (Months)-The program 'info' display would not change as you surfed/watched various channels. Each channel had the wrong program name & description.-Both TV’s freezing throughout one day until you reset the Genie every time. From the morning all thru the night.-TV tells you to change channel due to maximum live & recorded shows being reached when it WAS NOT!

(Under 4 total combinations)-Kept getting 'Get the most of HD TV' message when we do NOT have HD TV's. This took up about a third of your TV screen.-My wife called 3/12 to report a local channel problem (as instructed by our 'advanced tech' when problem occurring) & person acted like 'why you calling?' -Almost immediately after the above phone call main TV picture froze with an image of a laptop computer on the screen (picture taken & available). Another call to DIRECTV. Apparently picture was hacked somehow & eventually resolved.-3/14 called DIRECTV to have free HBO, Cinemax, Starz canceled at end of 'free' term.

Tech disconnected it immediately. Considering how many hours of lost, interrupted, unavailable, partial recordings, etc. due to Genie problems, you think he would have extended the free service, not cut it off immediately!!-3/20- advanced tech called us to advise new software was downloaded & problems should be over. Surprise, surprise- I was watching a 2 hour plus movie & tried to 'rewind' to an earlier point.

I could not go back more than 10 minutes. Green bar at bottom of screen when 'pause' button engaged showed only the 10 minutes available even though I watched over an hour from the beginning. This went on for a couple days or so.-3/21- remote does not respond again. (Actually the Genie- both remotes work on TV #2, neither on TV #1)-3/21 Remotes are doing whatever they want.

Push a button & it does something else. Both wacky. Advanced tech found additional problem. Spoke to 4 different techs that day on just 1 phone call!

I've spent well OVER 20 hours (maybe 30?) on phone total by now since getting DIRECTV.-Auto record is/was not recording movies or shows even when we verify the little red 'recording' icon shows on 'guide'.-When you use the 'pause' option, TV freezes until you reset system. Of course the show is now missing a large chunk of the program you were watching.On 3/30, an 'advanced tech' came for a service call, checked system, verified all download updates were installed, he replaced a ground block, checked connections, checked wires, etc. & could not find any problem. I showed him many pictures I had taken of various problems that I stored on my computer.

We asked again to have Genie box replaced & was told it (the Genie) wasn't a problem & it would not be replaced. He announced he couldn't do anything else. As I was signing the service slip He saw we lost the picture for about 10 seconds & the sound for about 30 seconds on our TV when he was watching it!!! while I signed.

He had to call in to DIRECTV & after 15-20 minutes he changed out our GENIE box after consulting with his main office. We had 98% of the available storage used on this GENIE by now in NON HD recordings. We had the tech verify this. About 775 hours or more.

Many of these were movies recorded on our FREE HBO, etc. programming we were going to watch over the next year or so, meter them out so to speak. Including Christmas movies/shows, stuff only available on non-regular TV channels, etc. Now it turns out the free HBO, Cinemax, Starz that was a big factor in changing to DIRECTV has now evaporated!

Had this (the Genie) been replaced in December, when we first asked, it would not be such a huge problem/disappointment. Think of how many, many numerous hours were spent to review the guide, set series to record, program manager, etc., etc. that we wasted due to a very defective 'Genie System' & Genie to record these hours of movies. We even had the tech tell us when he first showed up this day that we shouldn’t have this many hours recorded as it slows it down, etc.

WHAT?? This is what DIRECTV sold us on! This has resolved almost all problems. The few remaining items are no worse than DISH TV had.Our non HD TV had been a little blurry &the picture incomplete (about 15-20% of the picture was not on the screen, the sides were ‘cut off’).

This was verified by last ‘advanced’ tech. He spent about 15-20 minutes playing with the Genie AND our TV settings, etc. to try to get the full picture. He failed to improve it.

After the Genie was replaced we immediately had the full screen! Just think, after OVER 3 MONTHS, we finally get a decent picture!!My wife & I both feel like we were used to test the Genie system but instead of being compensated for it, (which we did/do not expect) DIRECTV actually raised the monthly fee on the Genie box $5.00 & $2.00 program fee per month (with $2.00 credited until Nov. 2013) while we were still experience numerous problems a couple of months after the increase, & many hours of lost programs & our time spent on phone with tech's & in tech's visiting our house. The last visit took over 2 hours.

Keep in mind we just changed service to DIRECTV Dec. 15, 2012 & our 2nd statement (Feb. 2013 statement) reflected the $5.00 Genie increase with a $5.00 per month credit for only 4 months.The 'case manager advance tech' 'Ralph' at DIRECTV, did ask after the last tech visit what he could do to satisfy us for all the trouble. He went on to say 'obvious he couldn't give us the free HBO, etc., as the original agreement, etc.

I asked him specifically several times we wanted the original promises of no price increase as stated by several customer service reps on several calls back in Dec. He kept stating he could not honor this as contract does state DIRECTV can increase the price at any time.Kind of funny we can't break the contract without punitive fees being assed, but DIRECTV can do whatever they want. I was assured by one tech on a phone call that we were mailed an advanced letter of a fee increase 'last year'. WHAT?

We just started last year. DIRECTV knew they would increase their fees prior to us signing up with no mention in any of their mailed advertisements which I still have in my possession. Extremely deceitful at the least!In addition, although this is NOT in any of DIRECTV’s ad prices, etc. we have an additional mandatory ‘$3.00 sports package’.

I HATE SPORTS OF EVERY TYPE!!Why should I have to pay this additional charge? DIRECTV states it is so people who want the package can have it at a reasonable price if the cost is split with everyone. This should be included in their advertised price as it is mandatory & should be ‘optional’!! Let those who want it pay for it!We continue to have some problems & still have to reset Genie along with phone calls to DIRECTV, but most problems have been eliminated & re-setting the Genie box corrects current problems.

Pixies will go nuts on any/all channels on live TV only. If you hit the ‘rewind’ button & watch the same screwed segment, picture is 100% fine. DIRECTV wants you to ‘check again’ for ‘trees, branches, clouds, etc. There are none on a sunny day & no trees in area, & the DIRECTV test has us ‘above’ average reception signal strength EVERY TIME!

This has ONLY happened since our Genie was replaced.Please help.James Brockson4661 Stratton RdBath Ny 14810-8272jimiqc@hotmail.comI have even filed a complaint via ‘CONTACT US’, on the DIRECTV site:Subject-------------------------------------- IncreaseDiscussion Thread-------------------------------------------- Via Email(David C (ID U5621)) - 03/25/2013 10:43 AMDear Mr. Brockson,Thanks for writing us back and we appreciate your feedback. I understand your concerns regarding the recent increase in the amount of your bill as well as the technical problems that you have experienced with your service. I'm very surprised to hear of these problems that you have experienced, as I have my own DIRECTV System installed in my home and I have found our equipment to be highly reliable year round.

At DIRECTV, we take pride in the level of service that we provide to our customers, and we take steps to ensure that your billing is accurate and timely while keeping your monthly programming costs as low as possible. For this reason I will be happy to assist you today, and we certainly don't want you to consider a change in your service provider.In response to your concern, I have reviewed your account and I have verified that the information provided in our previous contacts is accurate and correct. Because you received DIRECTV equipment at a discounted price, you agreed to subscribe to up to 24 consecutive months of DIRECTV programming. This agreement does not guarantee that pricing and programming will not change.

You will continue to receive your eligible monthly discount credits based on the offer you accepted when you ordered service with us. For more information on programming agreements, please visit our website at www.directv.com/agreements.Regarding the technical problems that you have been experiencing with your service, I see that your Case Manager has been in contact with you at your number of (607) 776-1480 regarding this matter. You are important to us, and we certainly want to resolve the problems you have been experiencing with your service as soon as possible. This is important to ensure that your request reaches the right person and to resolve this for you as quickly as possible, and your Case Manager is a highly trained professional service technician who will ensure that your service is resolved to your satisfaction.

For immediate assistance, we've set up a special phone line with a PIN number that you can use to reach your Case Manager directly. Please call us at 800-442-1635 daily. When the system asks for aPersonal ID Number (PIN), enter 1559 (this PIN is good for five days). We're looking forward to talking to you!If you are considering a change in your service provider, the best way to handle an issue like this further is for us to speak with you as we are unable to disconnect accounts via email.

You are important to us and we certainly want to keep you as a customer. We've set up a special phone line with a PIN number that you can use to reach our team directly. Please call us at 800-824-9081 between 8:00 AM and 1:00 AM ET daily. When the system asks for a Personal ID Number (PIN), enter this same 1559 number mentioned above (this PIN is good for five days).

This is important to ensure that your request is processed in one contact by the appropriate person (not being transferred) at your convenience. I understand this has been a difficult situation, Mr. Brockson. We do appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention, and thanks again for taking the time to write to us.

Sincerely,David C (ID U5621)DIRECTV Resolution SpecialistP.S. Have a question? Anytime, any topic, instant answers - support.directv.com The Answer Center provides you helpful information, 24/7, all at your fingertips.Customer By Email (James Brockson) - 03/25/2013 06:01 AMDirect TV, WE can NOT downsize our packages you suggested to save money as we had agreed to a 2 year 'locked in' price guarantee' on our program. WE were told Genie would be $10.00 per month for 12 months & $20.

for the next 12 months. AS you state below it ha/will increase PRIOR to the 2 years, or about only 5 months into our 'deal'. You lied & deceived us. Additionally, you choose to ignore completely the fact that we still have a host of problems that interrupt or prevent us from using/enjoying our programming.


In addition we were never told that with non HD tv's we would have a slightly distorted picture as confirmed since by our seeing the lower quality pic then with DISH TV & per your at home techs & via over the phone techs. James Brockson > From: directvcustomercare@directv.com > To: jimiqc@hotmail.com > Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 20:47:44 -0700 > Subject: Price Increase [Reference #: 130324-002937] > Response Via Email(Ashley B (ID X3244)) - 03/24/2013 08:47 PMDear Mr. Brockson,Thank you for writing us and asking about our pricing. It's never an easy decision to raise prices but we believe that it is necessary due to the increasing costs we pay to carry the channels you see.

For several years programming costs have steadily outpaced the average increase our customers have seen on their bills.Despite the price increase DIRECTV service continues to be an outstanding value. While our prices have changed we have continued to invest in new programming and innovative services in order to provide you the best possible entertainment experience. We assure you that we will continue to invest in the quality of your viewing experience by bringing you more new features and more new programming. Your base package XTRA increased to $70.99 along with Advanced Receiver DVR Service, which is now $10.00 and the Regional Sports Fee of $3.00.

Mr. Brockson, while I know you want to get your money’s worth, one option we may suggest would be to right size your package. It is possible there are channels included in your package that you are not taking advantage of or not wanting. We may be able to lower your package to one that best suits you.

Regarding your price guarantee, please know when you signed up as part of your introductory offer you are eligible for monthly rebates. Even though there has been an increase we are guaranteeing that you will receive the price you agreed upon when signing up. Therefore on your bill you will see a credit of $2.00 off for 10 months towards your XTRA package and $5.00 off for 4 months your Advanced Receiver Service. Mr.

Brockson, I apologize for any misinformation on our part with explaining the bill and amount due. For your convenience I have attached a copy of your order confirmation letter, which states the rebate length. To access this file you'll need to have a .pdf reader. You can download one free from Adobe athttp://www.adobe.com/.

Please let us know if you are unable to view the price information after installing Adobe Reader.Please remember you can access your account online at directv.com anytime. If you need further assistance please call us at 1-800-531-5000 and one of our highly trained representatives are available to help. Or if you would respond to this email with a good phone number and time to call you and we would be happy to get in contact with you. Thanks again for writing.

Sincerely,Ashley B (ID X3244)DIRECTV Resolution SpecialistP.S. Have a question? Anytime, any topic, instant answers - support.directv.com The Answer Center provides you helpful information, 24/7, all at your fingertips.Customer By Web Form (James Brockson) - 03/24/2013 07:04 PMYou switched from Dish TV after several (4) calls to your company with all 4 agents assuring us of a 24 month price guarantee 12/12. We had had nothing but numerous different problems with Genie 'known software issues', numerous interrupted shows/movies, etc.

remote freezing very often, etc. & we had our base price going up $2.00 & Genie going up $5.00/month & still have the problems.

We were lied to & told 24 month price guaranteeWHY?? You should be paying US for our extreme frustrations, missed programs, & many, many hours of resetting Genie & on the 30 -40 phone calls about our problems.[---001:006905:41622---]

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Once you join a company that has a contract. You just became their ***.

So they will say or do anything to keep you to stay. I haven't really had a problem with them, but didn't like the increase, so got out of there as soon as I could. You even get the ones that are really rude. I tried to contact them on a question, and the account wasn't in my name.

I tried to explain that I live with this person on this account and I have permission to call, yet this *** says in a rude way "Nope, Not helping you if your not this person." Sometimes you have to take certain problems in your own hands. They don't like it, they can suck it.


Direct TV lies about whatever is convenient at any given moment. I have been told so many different lies I can't keep up with them all.

I can't wait until my contract is up because I'm going to drop them so fast it'll make their heads spin. They are the mosy deceptive company I have ever dealt with. 


A very typical case of trying to deal with DirecttV.Once they have you as a customer this is all they need. Best Advice is to get rid of them ASAP.. Good Luck