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In July 2011, I called directv to cancel my tv services (after being a customer since 2004) because I wish to switch my tv services to AT&T uverse. The person I spoke with at directv offer me all new equipments and free installation to keep my business (so that I can have whole house DVR).

They also offer me 3 months of Free movie or sport package ($12.99 / month value) to continue service with Directv. (In the past Directv has offer me the 3 months free movie/sport package during my contract renewal and each time, they told me when the 3 months is up, the programming will automatically dropped off without additional charge and if I wish to continue, I would need to call or go online to sign up for pay services). During this promotion they offer me, they said the same thing about the programming will automatically dropped off in 3 months..etc etc.. In Nov.

2011, I received my Directv bill and notice there are two new charges: $12.99 and $5.00 HD package fee. I called and the CSR told me that my free promotion has ended; therefore, they began charging me the fee. I told them that I was told the programming should automatically be dropped off and I should not be charged any fee.. but they said they could stop the programming moving forward; however, they will not issue any credit toward the fee that already incurred.

I then ask them about the $5 fee they claim that that fee was started billing me from 9/28/11 which the CSR said it is strange because their record indicate I didn't even call in Sept to add any additional service. The CSR has escalated the issue, but after 5 days of waiting no one from DirecTV contacted me, and I followed up with Directv to find out that their escalation dept.

has refused to issue any credit. I am being duped into this and when I demand canceling my services due to breach of contract at their part, they want me to pay $350 cancellation fee.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I agree with Larry, alot of customers really do call in just to squeak by the system!


Bottom Line,DirectTV does nothing but lie to their customers.Read the other reviews and you will get an idea just how bad this company really is.


Sounds more like you didnt really want to switch,you just wanted to slither your way in to a new better deal.You got what you asked for.Next time do more homework.