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If you like lots of repetitive, irrelevant, and disruptive commercials; programming with gratuitous violence and/or offensive sexual content; gossipy entertainment shows; polarizing so-called news shows; manipulative and controlling customer service agents; high prices; deceptive long-term contracts; installers who want to make sure everyone sees their ugly "Diwreck" TV satellite dish in front of your house; expensive monthly bills; a slow receiver box; periodic and dramatic price increases (after an initial lower introductory offer); then "DiwreckTV" is for you.

If after all this, you still want to go with them, be sure to ask for the contract right away on arrival of the installer, or better still get it before hand (if possible).

Read and understand every word before you let the installer do anything (i.e., do you really want a two-year binding contract?).

Watch every move the installer makes (discuss the installation with him before hand, and don't be pressured into an installation you're not happy with -- no matter what).

If you're okay going through such a nightmare just getting DiwreckTV setup, then you'll love what happens when you try to cancel your service.

It might be better to just head down to your local pizza parlor and watch some TV there.

Stay away from DiwreckTV: If you don't changes are you'll get worthless, time-wasting, commercial laden, programming; questionable installation; high prices, and terrible consumer service.

There are only two kinds of DiwreckTV customers -- those who have been burned and those who will get burned. If you don't believe this then check out this link:

Bottom line "” stay away!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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I got alot to say, but agree they are not up front and you get raped