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I tried 3x's to record SNL on 11/7. Screen msg said there was a temporary connection problem.

So I tried to record it in a different way. Next the msg told me to reconnect the signal...which I did. Only got the tail end of the show. No Trump.

There will be a legitimate connection problem from now on..... goodbye directv!!!! Corruption everywhere you turn...power hungry people,even at big companies, trying to tell us who and what we should see. This has never happened before and it was not a coincidence.

This is another deliberate attempt by the media, influenced by who and what... why, we don't know, regulating a country whose laws protected freedoms we are losing every day.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Um, just for the record Directv cannot and will not deliberately block programming. They have contractual obligations to air programming from broadcasters..Sounds to me that your connection problem was simply that.