Beaumont, Texas

I have...directtv, att wireless, recently added att Internet. 2 months ago I decided to cancel my internet with the local cable company and have all my accounts with att.

The installer came out made the necessary installation when I arrived home from work I realized my smart tv's did not connect to internet. I immediately called we completed several task troubleshooting I was advised I needed a different box I fully explained I only needed the internet for smart tv because I have more than enough data with my att cell phone plan I was assured it would be taken care of when I received the new box...Again I called still unable to connect I was advised to call tv manufacturer (both) still nothing.

I finally called and decided I would cancel just the internet long story short I was advised I was under contract I would be charged the early term fee it seems the problem is the internet is not fast enough and there was not a higher speed available in my area.. Be mindful the technicians were aware of the Smart tv's....Needless to say I will be disconnecting all services with ATT....Phone, internet, and directtv cable SMH Tiffany Defils

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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