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DIRECTV is the most horrible, cheating, lying company but I have dealt with in my 39 years alive on this planet. I was lied to from the start about being able to move my service for free to the new house that I was already looking at buying when I signed up for my 2 year contract in the rental house that I was living in.

They charged me $214 to move my service even though the sales representative told me it would be free because I voiced my concerns about being in the market to buy a house right off the bat. Then when I reluctantly paid to have it moved I specified that the dish needs to be on the roof of the house because I'm adding on to the rear of the house and have contractors there everyday that are being paid, the installer came to my house I was not there my wife was he assured her that he place the satellite dish on the roof, my wife had no reason not to believe him and that lo and behold when I got home from work the satellite dish was on a tripod on the side of the house exactly where I told them it could not be !. I called direct immediately AND THEY TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE TO PAY ANOTHER INSTALLATION FEE!!!AFTER THEIR INSTALLER BOLD FACE LIED TO MY WIFE .

I am now on a mission to post my story on every single review site that I can find and email the link to DIRECTV's customer service until they satisfy me. Because the only other recourse that I have is to pay a $300 cancellation fee DirecTV if you're reading this my phone number is area code 928 846 7 647 thank you Chris from Havasu

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I'm guessing you work for direct which is why you feel the need to advocate for the piece of *HIT Co that steals it's customers money, wrongly charges their accounts, blacks out certain Nfl games even if people have Nfl ticket, lies to get customers in and then treats them like 2nd rate citizens ... hopefully AT&T can clean up the rotting carcass formerly known as direct t.v.

30 million customers you say??? *** many are happy? How many are there because it's a monopoly? Check out BBB.ORG, (better business Bureau ) over 16000 documented complaints ...

direct TV is *hit.. their installers are *hit. Period. There is even a site dedicated to former installers of direct TV that are now speaking out about the horrific things they were FORCED to do ..or be out of a job ...

tricking elderly people, not completing installs in a timely Manor so there could be up charges, etc etc etc ... my quest goes onward ...

next stop consumer affairs fraud division ... have a great day


Bummer, let it goes you misunderstood and are now mad about it suck it up and pay to move or cancel service


This is in response to the guy that commented on my post do some research and see how many people are lied to by direct tv on a daily basis, you would be astonished at the number the only reason anyone deals with DIRECTV anymore is because they have monopolized the market and figure that they could treat people anyway that they want because people don't have a choice will internet TV is coming up in a big way things like Hulu Netflix Exedra so Direct TV is in for a big surprise in the near future I will not just suck it up and pay more money when I was lied to how American are you? You just give up when someone does wrong to you you sound like a lazy loser. I'm not mad at one single instance that happened I was lied to four or five times by four or five different people there was no misunderstanding at all I was told flat out that they move my service for free or I never would have signed up for a two year agreement knowing that I wouldn't be in that house for more than 6 months because I was buying a house I appreciate you leaving a comment because that shows me that people at least read what I wrote so that job is getting done as I figured it would I can I don't settle for mediocrity because that's not the type of person I am I pay good money that I work hard for so I expect good service in return and when that doesn't happen I put my best foot forward and do everything I can to force it to happen have a nice day and thank you for showing me that posting this type of stuff actually works


You said that you where lied to we only have what you think, but when I look at the website I was easily able to find the charges listed. You already signed the agreement their move charges are listed for all to see, yet you where magically able to get someone to tell you different and then whine when corrected by other agents pay the $49 for the relocation charge or leave the dish where it is but once again the choice is yours on what to do, cancel,pay or bit*ch about it but you signed the agreement to keep service 2 years and pay for service calls,moves etc


Once again you are incorrect I never went on the website I talk to a sales person on the phone that salesperson blatantly lied to me and I've talked to at least 10 other people since all have which have given me conflicting information bottomline DirecTV is a joke of a company they are thieves and liars and when it comes down to it they have you by the balls because there's nothing you can do so you can advocate for them all you would like but at the end of the day they steal cheat and lie and do shoddy install work. Don't take it for me so do a search on the internet and look at how many negative comments they have compared to positive comments they are a joke and I will continue to post whenever I get a free moment thank you very much


30 million customers and a small amount of complaints go look it up