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In July, 2009 I was shopping for new TV program service trying to get some better channel. In this process I also thought of DIRECTV, my "worst" life experience ever.

This is how it all started, on July 29, 2009 I was talking to a sales representative of DIRECTV who told me that there service is best and they have vast variety of local & international channel s. I was little bit spectacle about the services & transmission part. He told me I can have the service and if I don't like it I can cancel it within 15 Days of opening the account.

So I thought even after 3-4 days of installation I will get enough time to get a clear picture to stay in or not. Aug 4, 2009 I got the service box installed at my house (dish was already there from the last owner). The installation guy only had black cable so I got him white cable as it was getting laid in light color wall. But I wasn't satisfied with the service I am not sure rain was the problem or the connection.

So I called on August 06, 2009 to cancel my service. The customer service representative this time was in different node it wasn't no questions asked any more. He was rude and argued to keep the service. When I completely dismissed the idea, he told me I will be charged the cancelation Fee.

I explained to him I was sold with the commitment that I can cancel my service within 15 days & I am way before that. After long discussion he ended that we will just cancel the service. I forgot to ask him how to return the box so called again and other customer service rep explain me how to return the box & also I confirmed with him about the billing so he told me that as being in NJ, I do get 15 day time to cancel therefore I won't have to pay any cancellation or charges. I got the cable activated, Fed ex empty box came & box, remote, card sent back, all set.

But the night mare wasn't over yet, on Aug 15, 2009. I was checking my card account there were charges of $463 on mine account from DIRECT TV so I went to the their website they charged me cancelation fee. I called the customer service again for the correction. But this time to my surprise they had a different story for me; that thou you can cancel you connection within 15 days only till your box is not installed, once the service is installed you have 24 hours only. Since I called 2nd day I am going to be charged with the cancellation fee. I explained them all the previous conversation but they had deaf ear for me & were repeating the same thing again and again. I even talked to the supervisor, who was not even hearing me, even after finishing my sentence he will not respond back to me.

Anyway, he told me that the cancelation information is provided on all the different location as flyer, advertisement, customer agreement & so on. I haven't find it at any place yet, that within 24 hour of installation you need to cancel the service if you don't like it. Also provided me a address of their legal dispute department that I can take my issue.

Can anyone explain why I have been panelize, was trusting the DIRCTV company sales rap was my fault. I don't know about rest of the people but $463 was not a small amount for me to let go waste. I feel I have been robbed by a big company with such a Hugh amount. First they fooled me into it and then they charged me with even letting me know. If I am no more than a helpless common man then what I am?

All I can d by letting everyone else like me to know that don't fall for their prey. Once you will give your card or account number they will charge you whatever they want & all you can do is see yourself being robbed by your hard eared money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Sales Representative.

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I too am having problems with Direct Tv. I did not give them my credit card or bank account..I paid in money orders and they say there are 3 payments missing since June.the money orders have been cashed but they deny getting them.I feel so sorry for what they are doing to you and so many others.I have written the Better Business Bureau about my account with them.you may want to do the same there is a place on line where you can file a complaint for free if everyone did this maybe we could put a stop to their deceitful practice also here in my area the local cable co will buy out our contract for $300 or less.

check with your cable co. Wishing you the Best