Cincinnati, Ohio
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This is actually a good review. We have been with direct for almost three years. From the get go with the young guy who installed our cable, it has been a train wreck. When he installed the cable, he left lots of wire on the floor, he got into our fridge after being offered a beverage, went into my sisters rm without knocking knowing someone was in there, left about 2 inches of

Cable in a 6 yr olds rm, dirt from dirty bare feet on the floor etc. We let that slide. When we connected with direct, we were to get a bundle package with on demand. Never got on demand. We were told to call Cincinnati Bell. They to!d us to call you guys. The run around was ridiculous. I called numerous times but got NO where. My mother called last night again and after explaining herself about tearing up the house , she got a reply of "that's why we have thousands of customers" despite what she said. I AM CUSTOMER APPRECIATION...NOT.Direct was to lose a customer...I called after that to give you guys ***, but one service girl not only kept our cool but kept our business.. ALEXIS from Georgia. She was very helpful and .sweet. She deserves a reccommendation for her charismatic


. In a whole, in reality, direct owes us much more . but you need to appreciate what you have. Regardless if only one person quits you guys

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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And how is this a "good review"'s almost like people are backwards...and they left long cord in case someone ever wanted to rearrange the funiture in the room..if they do not leave enough cord, you won't be able to move it without calling someone back out, and it will cost you money


Really?? "Dirty bare feet on the floor??" What was he??

Fred Flintstone??