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This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a utility/service provider. This was hugely disappointing because up until now, I had been very, very pleased with Directv in all areas of service and support. I had even been raving about them to friends and family. Now, I tell everyone to steer well clear of Directv, if nothing else, to prevent negative health consequences!

I moved and contacted Directv to notify them that I was disconnecting. They instructed me that I would need to schedule a technician to come and confirm that there was no line of sight in my new place, so I scheduled the appointment. The technician arrived and walked through and confirmed what I already knew, which was that there was no line of sight for a dish. I asked him if I needed to sign anything and what I should do with the equipment. He said no and that Directv would contact me regarding the equipment return. I hadn't received anything from Directv for a few weeks so I called. This call is the beginning of my disconnect nightmare! The first "representative" I got told me there was no record of the technician confirming that there was no line of sight and that unless this was confirmed and documented, I would be liable for a $100 disconnect fee. I told her that the technician did come and did confirm there was no line of sight. She again said that they had no record of it so they would need to reschedule another technician. I told her that was unacceptable and that my time was too valuable to be wasting on another technician visit. I also shared my concerns about this possibly happening again. She said that without the documentation from the technician, I would be charged the early term fee. I was getting nowhere with her so I asked to speak with her "supervisor". I was placed on hold for a while and was connected to a lady who said she was the "supervisor" and of course, I had to go through my entire story again. She too kept insisting that I would owe the early term fee because there was no documentation of the no line of sight, yada yada this point I basically told her that because of the ineptitude of their technician, I was paying the price and spending my time trying to resolve this problem. She then suggested that she would speak with the people who do these inspections to try to resolve the issue. I was place on hold (for a very long time) and she sporadically came on the line telling me that she was talking with them and was working through the issue. After at least 30 min of waiting, a guy came on the line who at first I thought was someone from the inspection/technician company. Unfortunately, no, it was another "representative" who had no clue about my circumstances. Here we go again, telling the same story for the third time and again, getting the same response of I will be responsible for the disconnect fee because there was no documentation of the no line of sight and without this "official" documentation there was no way to waive the early term fee...Well, as you might imagine, I just about blew a gasket at this point. I explained to him that I had been talking with a "supervisor" and that she was working on the resolution, etc. and he did it, the dreaded and oh so wrong question of, "who were you talking to?" - well, my blood pressure shot up to record levels. He then went on to tell me that he was seeing that the technician stated the "landlord refused entry" so he was unable to confirm no line of sight. Well, this was something new and definitely didn't help bring my bp down to non-stroke levels. So now the story changed and they are basically calling me a liar. Needless to say I did have a few choice words for him and this latest development. After much back and forth, I finally gave in and agreed to schedule another technician, but that I needed his name and the name of his supervisor and their direct numbers, because when the technician arrived this time I was going call them and have the technician speak directly to them. There was a long pause and more hold time and when he returned he said they would waive the early cancellation fee. I then asked about a pro-rated final bill based on when this service should have been officially disconnected. He told me this would definitely be pro-rated and that the final bill would reflect the correct amount. I was somewhat skeptical, but relieved to have finally come to an acceptable conclusion after about 2 1/2 hours in phone ***.

You guessed it. After a few weeks, I received not one, but two bills that of course charged me the $100 early term fee and an amount that was not pro-rated. I called again fully expecting another round of phone call ***. I told my story, again (4th time now), and she fairly quickly determined that I was indeed charged incorrectly for the early term fee and she calculated the correct pro-rated amount which would serve as my final bill due. I paid the "final" bill that same day.

This brings us to today. I received another bill from Directv which still reflected the $100 early term fee along with other new charges. UGH! I called, again, and told my story, again (5th time) and got a "representative" who told me that I owed what was on my bill which included the early term fee, etc. I told him my story again, (6th time) and he continued to tell me that I owed what was on the bill. I asked for his supervisor and was put on hold for a lengthy time. He came back on the line and said his supervisor was on the phone with another customer. I told him I would wait. On hold again. He came back on and again stated that I owed what was on the bill and that his supervisor was on the phone with another customer. I told him I would wait. I finally got a live "supervisor" and I asked him if he had been "brought up to speed" with my situation and he asked me to repeat myself. Well, after the third time of repeating "brought up to speed", I surmised that this was a call center in India and my hopes of resolving my situation once and for all were sunk! I told my story, again (I think we're up to 7 times) and he said that he would need to take this to their "resolution department" to determine how to proceed and that it may take up to 5 minutes. I would wait...After about 10 minutes, he came back on the line and said that I was not responsible for paying the $100 early term fee and I asked him to go on. This threw him for a loop so I explained there were still additional charges that needed to be addressed. After a few additional minutes he came back and said that my bill would be pro-rated to the day it was disconnected. After some calculations the charges were reduced to around $7.00. I still don't understand the $7.00, but I figure it would be well worth it to go ahead an pay the freaking 7 bucks and HOPEFULLY be done with these fools.

BP back to normal now...

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I too am going through the same thing. I have been trying to disconnect my service since the 23rd of June and still not resolved.

I am trying to find this form that they keep saying is on the website for Landlord no permission form. It is not on the website because I've searched the website with a fine-toothed comb and still no form but they do have a Landlord Permission Form.


My suggestion to anyone wanting to cancel their Direct TV is to have your bank do a stop payment. This will block their attempts to take the money for 6 months due to recent changes in the bank laws related to identity theft.

In this situation also file a formal complain with your states Attorney General. If enough people do this they will change how they do business as it will get to costly for them to continue cheating people.


If DTV has your credit card or bank account # on file you may want to close this account because DTV is notorious for telling people thier account is up to date or a small fee is left and they charge a big sum on their bank or credit card. It is not easy to get your money back from DTV.You might benefit by reading some of the other complaints on this site and you will see for yourself.