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On two separate occasions, two different Directv installers came to fix my system and stated that the installation was not done properly. It was not grounded, placed too high on the roof, and that lightning caused the damaged. They both indicated that I needed to file a damage claim to recover damages done to my televisions, ac unit, and appliances. The second installer actually put up another satellite on my roof so that I could get proper...
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Anonymous I have had damages on my house for two months now and still no response. I am going to take legal action because there is now water from rain and snow getting into the house.

I didn't like
  • Warranty issue
  • Customer service
  • Damage to my equipment
Had two separate appointments with Directv. First appointment, tech wanted a call to 811 to mark utilities...? OK, done. Took another week to get this done but... Called Directv back and rescheduled second appointment. Next week, tech didn't want to install dish and cable to my requirements. I do NOT want bolted to house. Install on pole. Well, after twenty minutes of him trying to convince me that this was just not good....So, all the other...
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Anonymous Never heard of asking to speak to a supervisor? My momma taught me that at age 6. Sometimes it is the only way to get things done with service companies. Employees are human...