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Update by user Jul 24, 2013

One more email received by Presidents Office saying they take the threats/responses I received from potential Direct TV responders seriously and they were investigating. Since those ignorant, callous, responses have stopped, I assume they have silenced at least that person. I also have been contacted by a couple of writers/bloggers/research analysts about research they are doing on Directv. They want to possibly incorporate my experience.

In any case, as you'd guess, my loyalty toward Directv is gone. I will never recommend them again. I have not canceled yet as I do not want to inconvenience my husband, but I will down the road.

One more note to anyone complaining about Directv. There are complaints made under the heading of Directv and Direct TV. I've sent an email to thia aite asking that they be combined, but nothig yet. The way it is with the responses being under two headings, it seems there are a lot less complaints than there actually are. Pissed Consumer - Please combine the two!!!

Update by user Jul 01, 2013

P.S. - Forget the $1000 monetary loss.

This HAS NEVER been about the money. I had not monetary amount in mind and just filled it in to complete form.

Update by user Jun 27, 2013

DIRECT TV (Directv) - Got a call from President's Office from Michael. He did seem respectful and we discussed my belief that Directv does not take care of long time customers and the lack of professionalism expressed in Directv reps.

He offered me HD Free for a year and to send some offers that I am entitled to as a long term employee. While I appreciate his call, I am still very disturbed by the way I've been treated by the Directv billing and customer service staff. If this person from Direct TV billing is actually a legitimate employee, he's made a veiled threat regarding my account.

I don't respond to threats; I contact lawywers. Luckly, I'm married to one.

Original review posted by user Jun 23, 2013

June 20, 2013, prime time viewing, tv screen goes blank. Screen tells me I have a receiver error and I lose ability to continue watching show.

Then screen tells me it is reformatting and THEN says all saved recordings have been lost. There is nothing wrong with my receiver; this shutdown was Directv reformatting for some reason. Why they couldn't do this at another time, I don't know and they don't care. When I complain, I basically am given the flick.

Told, " While I understand that it is frustrating loosing (sic) all your recordings, the DVR's are not meant to keep the recording permanently on the receiver. Keeping recordings is a feature for customers to record programs and view them later. While I understand that this may not be the answer your looking for, we are unable to compensate you for the programs that were erased from your HD DVR."

I am a 20 year loyal customer who rarely complains, I just pay my bill ($160+) month after month after month. I wasn't expecting much but maybe HD free for a month; new customers are given free HD for life, for which I pay $10 extra a month.

They also are given NFL package, the works. They take for granted long-term loyal customers. Beware.

I'm shopping for new service. Your loss - DirecTV!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Yea we had a meeting about the rudness of people, at that meeting of about 300 people they said we should not go online and tell dum**ss that we work for the company and not respond to the st*p*d people like you and your drooling spouse should realize that you are nothing and if you want to come on here and cry have at it just don't expect any sympathy from me


Thank you "dtvlover" for your insight and your knowledge. You are right the 20 year customer was a typo--s/be 10 year customer.

I would have agreed with you insofar as customer service up until this issue, but as you have read, the responses and attitude of Directv reps left me outraged.

It infuriates that the person that wrote these horrible replies regarding my husband's cancer is actually an employee of Directv. Directv did investigate and those responses stopped, so I guess they have silenced that person for now. But I will never forget it. That person is on their payroll which tells me $$$$ is way more important to them than customer service. I want to change service, but I won't do anything to inconvenience my husband right now. But I will say up until this, I was a loyal customer of DirectTV. That no longer is the case. Again thanks for your informaton.


Put a pillow over his face will solve all your/his problems


DirecTV doesn't have the ability to reformat your DVR hard drive remotely. The tech can do it when he is at your house, but nobody not in your home can make it happen. I know this because I actually requested that they do it, and they stated that a technician had to come out to do something like that. (I was getting partial recordings due to a fragmented hard drive).

It sucks when it happens, but it DOES happen with all electronics. I've had almost every TV service out there, and I'll tell you this: DirecTV has the best customer service in the entire industry, bar none. That doesn't mean there aren't a few bad apples, but there definitely are more good people willing to help than *** who don't want to do anything for you.

Also, just wanted to point out that DirecTV has only been around since 1994...perhaps you've been a customer since then and were just approximating 20 years, I don't honestly know.

Unfortunately, the receivers DirecTV uses are expensive, and yes, they may be refurbished, but if you look up what gets replaced when a receiver is refurbished, its everything that makes it a receiver, and the only thing that stays the same is the plastic casing on the outside of the box. Electronics fail just like cars fail.


Alice don't mean to be rude when I say this, but I hope you are wrong I am a direct tv customer as where my parents yes there have been problems and when I have to call them the customer service as been outstanding, I know in your case it has been the opposite the only complaint I have is no blaze tv maybe I still have too much faith in people to believe that someone who has a job would treat people like that and risk their job if I got a 3000.00 bonus a year I would treat everyone I come in contact with like they where the president of the united states anyway all I can do is say a prayer for you and your husband my other was a cancer survivor and I will even say a prayer for "DTV billing dept" person and ask that their heart is thawed. just my 2 cents


Nick & Troll Hunter - I considered the troll angle too, but I then went back and reviewed other complaints made on this board. It seems pretty certain to me that the person making these responses is affiliated with Directv somehow. Marc, from DTV's President's office, has been in contact with me and told me they are investigating. He's not confirming or denying it is a Directv employee, but I've found too much similarity over a period of time to think this is just a troll. Here's an example of another response made to a March 21 complaint "Direct TV - Unauthorized Charge." *****************DTV Billing dept

Jun 25 from Denver, Colorado

So let's get this right.... You signed up for a contract for 24 months, cancel early because you don't want to pay for a package that will make you happy, then you cry about DTV getting the money that was OWED under the terms of that contract, so sad that we got the money we are OWED how bad of us to want the money OWED I love telling people like you on the phone there is nothing we can do because they are so mad that they could not screw dtv over and got all the money at once I hear how people are going to loose their jobs, cars, homes, medicine for their kid or 98 year old granny well keep in mind you OWED this money had you stayed with your contract you would still have your job, car, home, and not having to go dig *** for granny and please keep calling in we sit around and laugh at all the people calling in write down account numbers for a Hall of Fame and when call volume is low we try and find the most pissed customer ****************

Me again (Alice) : There is a ring of truth in this guy's obnoxious responses about bonuses, low credit stat awards, laughing at customers, etc. Like I said, Directv is not confirming or denying, but whomever it is, the person's been responding for a while.

Your insight is appreciated in any case. . .


The other postings by someone calling them self a direct tv rep sounds fishy to me, a more likely someone trying to gin up people for a petition




BTW: i'm not too worried about getting sued by a gimp with stage 4 cancer as he is aware (maybe not if the drugs are keeping him drooling and watching cartoons in between diaper changes) I have a right to say what I want when I want, it is called the 1st amendment, when I am at work I have to do what is in the guidelines, lucky for me they are very loose on what I HAVE to give crying customers, I have the lowest amount of credit given out and am very proud of that stat, I get a bigger bonus because all my metrics are met and exceeded and that is because I don't give a *** about if your way or not I care that I get a $3000 bonus every December


No threat was ever made or implied, just the fact that myself and others will laugh at you for being a cry baby, the HD for a year is something we give people to get them off the phone because we are tired the crying and ranting, so I want to thank you for giving your city information and already sent a text to my buddy who's gonna get me the information tmr we will pass your information around like a joint in a drum circle and I can only hope that one day I get you on the phone and I promise you that it will be a a day you will not forget and I really hope that your service does'nt have anymore problems :grin


I am not going to sugar coat anything, electronics failure live with it, you are one of the people who think they are ENTITLED to everything they want and I am here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED to free stuff. it does not matter if you pay for the $30 or $250 a month, if you called your car finance company and told them your transmission went out and don't feel you should have to pay the entire car payment they will laugh at you and you get to say hello to the repo men, then lets address the fact your going to cry you have to pay $10 for HD when new customers get it free lets take the car example again lets say you got a 2013 model year in 01/01/2013 and pay 20,000 for it then today that same model is 18,000 should your finance company knock 2000 off your bill, Throw a fit cry like a 3 y/o in kmart, you are a sad person, spoiled entitled little brat, BTW: there is 2 people named michael in the presidents office both of them good friends of mine I will go and seek them out maybe get your acct info take a look at your equipment once in awhile get a good laugh

@DTV Billing dept

you only have HALF a point there. When you LEASE or PURCHASE new equipment it is not bought "as is".

Would you buy a car, have the transmission go out when you have it 4 months and 4,000 miles later and NOT require the dealer to correct the problem? If you wouldn't please.. LET ME SELL you a lemon! I will laugh all the way to the bank when it comes in for repairs!

Direct Tv recycles their equipment from customer to customer... it is hardly ever NEW to most customers. Its like renting (NOT leasing) a car...

no way would i pay for repairs on a RENTAL car. There is a difference there


Try and call dell tell them you lost all your data and you want free stuff, they will tell you to go to ***, why should it be any different for DTV because you THINK you deserve something does not make it so, This is more the tactic of a 3 year old throwing a fit

@DTV Billing dept

Does Directv (and I as a current customer) actually pay your salary? Amazingly, I did get the courtesy of a reply from DTV's President's Office after emailing him today.

I certainly hope the representative (Michael) follows up and sees your responses as he indicated he would.

Your words are the best proof I can muster of the unprofessionalism that permeates Dtv. You epitomize what's wrong with Directv.


Dear Direct TV Billing & Customer Service--This is exactly the type of smart *** response I have come to expect from Directv. I don't expect any satisfaction, but my mission is to advertise to everyone I can the kind of service Directv offers its customers. If my husband was not diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, I'd trash your service in a blink. But he depends on watching television, and I will not do anything until a new serivce is in place. I will complain in the meantime to anyone who will listen. I will include letters to each of the Directv officers listed below. I will not contribute to Mr. White's 18 million (CEO) compensation package any longer while being treatexd disrespectfully.

DIRECT TV Who's Who:

Michael White

Chairman, President & CEO

Joseph A Bosch

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Bruce B. Churchill

Executive Vice President & President, DIRECTV Latin America

Patrick T. Doyle

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Larry D. Hunter

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Romulo C. Pontual

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Fazal Merchant

Senior Vice President and Treasurer

John F. Murphy

Senior Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer


Sorry about the loss of all the recordings but electronics fail it is not like someone at DTV is going into random accounts and telling your dvr to reformat, have you ever had a computer crash was that because someone at dell was pushing the kill button


Wow, giving all that to newbies and not to existing customers. bit of an *** isn't it?

I suggest an external hardrive setup to keep your recorded programmes in future.

I'm sure there are a million internet how tos.

nerds dislike getting all their stuff lost too. :)


Thank you for suggestion. Perhaps I'll hire a techie to set that up as soon as I decide which service to go with.

I am so non-techy I didn't even know an external hard drive setup existed.

It was kind of you to share.