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Directv sucks!!! I called them about our box being dead & almost catching the house on fire (which apparently is our fault for not smelling it sooner or knowing that we needed to unplug it).

It started burning at 11:30 pm. We were in the bedroom, and it was in the living room. We were about to go to sleep, when we smelled something funny like an electrical fire. We looked everywhere and couldn't find the source.

The volunteer fire department came and immediately found the source. We were lucky we didn't lose our house. The bottom of the box was screaming hot. We were told to leave it outside, which we did.

I asked for an upgrade to the Genie to replace the burnt box, and I was told they couldn't do that. Meanwhile, we have been Directv customers for almost 15 years!!! We were supposed to get an upgrade about 6 months ago. The only thing we received was another box for the bedroom.

We only had service in the living room before the addition. So, we got the box for the bedroom free and they get more money from us each month. Who won that one??? I would like to get rid of Directv completely and use Roku, but my husband isn't sure.

I might be able to convince after this incident. I should thank them for making the decision to cut the cord much easier!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

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What makes ANYONE think they deserve a free upgrade, I have been a customer of Mcdonalds for years do I deserve a free supersize on my next meal, no


We have had Direct TV about 14 years. I called to get the Genie for Christmas for hubby.

The 1st rep told me no problem, we were eligible for the system no charge (we seldom get upgrades) including installation--however the computer system was down and someone would call back to schedule. Rep that called back told me $600 for Genie installed or I could get the whole home DVR system for free. Typical discussion/ argument you read about online followed. Today is less than 10 day later and the Genies are offered free to new customers on the DTV website.

I call them up and the rep says not for existing customers but I am eligible for Genie system free but have to pay $250 for install. She is typically rude. After 20 minutes of what should be a simple call, I asked for a supervisor. 20 minutes later I am still holding for the supervisor.

when another rep picks up the call. I think I am going to look at other options like ROKU while waiting. When the DirectTV replacement company starts up, I am sure there are a lot of us trying to convince husbands the football package should be sacrificed! No one should have to pay to be treated like this.

They are not respectable, honest or worth the hassle.


I finally got resolution to my problem, and the upgrade I requested. Of course, I didn't get it until I called to cancel my service.

Suddenly, everyone was ready to offer me deals to stay. For anyone that thinks the box almost catching on fire was nothing, but BS, I can assure you it was real. The old box was in a trash bag to trap the smell. When the technicians came out to set up the new system, they needed the old one first.

He was almost knocked over by the smell when he opened the bag. He could even see where it had been smoldering.

If I had my way, we would not have directv anymore, but my husband is not good with change and wanted to keep what we had. Just wanted to provide everyone with an update and a warning about the old boxes.


YOu should have told them you wanted to file a Commercial General Liability claim with them--this will make them "move".