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Directv will not give existing customers specials they just want new customers and screw the rest. the run thank you specials that you cannot get to.

They will not give any kind of discounts to good paying long time customers. They suck i will change soon. i have sent emails and have asked them over the phone for any kind of discount. they say they do not care about the existing customers to give us discounts.

i hav told them I will go to another company and they don't care. They totally SUCK as a business.

They do not care if they lose existing customers who pay on time every month.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Ok when you signed up did you not get a promotion deal ?

That's not a regular price , aka promotional price .

Figure it out you dunce .


I agree have been a dtv loyal customer for 9 years my bill keeps going up my equipment is ancient and outdated. Cannot upgrade to the new special deals out there with the new high speed equipment or even add a third tv without costing even more...new customers pay 1/2 of my cost for twice as much :(




I FOUND 100s Of websites where I can stream ALL NFL GAMES!!!

TAKE THAT DIRECTV...I refereed over 6 people to your service and this is what I get??/

Well guess what NOW I got all those 6 people to cancel and told them how to STREAM PERFECT QUALITY OF EVERY NFL GAME...


I had been with DirecTV for 10+ years. My receiver dies so they graciously sent me a new one.

They did not tell me, however, that a new receiver came with a new 1 year agreement from the date of receipt. So, when I cancelled my service because I cannot afford it, they billed me for $460!!! How am I supposed to pay this when I could not afford the high monthly TV fees to begin with? I call them to dispute and they refused to remove the charge because their "notes" on the account state I was made aware of the new agreement.

What BS...of course they are going to say that to get their fees! STAY AWAY NEW CUSTOMERS!!

THEY ARE AN UNETHICAL, HIDEOUS CORPORATION THAT TAKES ADVANTAGE EVERY CHANCE THEY GET. It literally took me 5 hours out of my time to get this service cancelled!


We were customers more than a dozen years. All we needed was equipment that worked well with the newer HD TV's we have.

Direct TV would NOT provide it without charging SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS yet they offered it to "new" customers for free. We tried the last three years to get updated equipment so we could STAY with them. Loyalty used to mean something. Last year we finally said CANCEL.

A day later, they called to offer us some concessions. Keep in mind if we WANTED those extra channels, we'd have had them. They put them on for several months, but the hitch is if you don't call to cancel them, they CHARGE you for them. AND, no breaks on equipment.

Here we are another year later with three new TVs. We tried again. NOPE! They were willing to charge us over 500.00 for just ONE piece of equipment, and we needed three!

We officially canceled. I have ATT installed now. I did NOT want to go to ATT due to their customer service.

(Like their products though.) All that said, I'm DISAPPOINTED that loyalty to Direct TV (not to mention we have spent at least 10,000 keeping their service over a long period of time) means NOTHING to them.

BTW, I got a computer generated "we tried to call you" email today. I had gone to their "office of the president" site to let them know I was not pleased, and honestly, the email today asking me to call them, well, it's just ***!


I have been a customer for 4 years and never been late with a payment. They are offering new customers "whole home DVR service" free.

I called to get it and they want to charge me $314.99 and that is with a $50 discount! The only way to play the pay TV game is to switch providers every 2 years or whatever your contract time is.

You would think that they would want to keep good long time customers but they do not care ... unbelievable!


It's not just the specials offered to new customers. I have complained about the specials.

I did not get the "new customer price", but I did get a one time flat credit for over $200.00. The year before they knocked off $10.00 per month credit. So not everone is getting the same price for service. I've been a customer for over 6 years.

This should be treated like a utility company. Same price for everyone with rate increases along the way. Not who we can screw for the most money!

They are not sending up new Satellites because they are going broke! They need to be regulated like the other utilities!



Don't you love it that Directv has cut 25 channels (claims it's a dispute with Viacom) and doesn't give you a credit because you're not getting the service you signed up for? I frankly don't care about the spat between the two, I am getting shoddy service.

I try to call their customer service number and all I get is options to call a provider who provides those services, not an option to cancel. Worst customer service ever.


I agree with all comments! direct tv doesn't care about current, long time customers when it comes to specials.

I went throught a similar situation with them when they offered the sports package to new customers free!!! They would let me have it. Other programs at lower rates than I have even...now I just saw an advertisement for starz and another movie chanel for a dollar. didn't catch all the particulars, went on line, didn't find anything and can't get into my account now either, locked out, to call customer service......I know what I'll get there!!!

by the way for reciever problems or replacements, remember you are paying "rent" on those boxes each month, technically, they are responsible for repairs or replacement at no cost to the customer...........its thier equipment!!! Direct TV is overly rated and I too, am looking into other choices.


I agree with everyone who said it was a lure to get new customers. It is really a matter of suckering people in, and then they continually hike the bill up.

Bad business practice. DirectTV complaints galore.


Yes, DirecTV customer here for over 10 years. I waited until my contract was up. I then called, hit the phone prompt to "cancel service" and I had a live operator in 10 seconds flat!

I told them I would leave and they can send me shipping labels for their 5 year old dated HD receivers.

I finally did get 4 new HD DVR's at 1/2 retail cost but had to fight for it. Where you get screwed as a long time DTV customer is when you need an equipment upgrade. These DVR's are $200+ retail.


Some miss the point here. Existing customers got them where they are.

What a sad, sorry business plan to screw the ones that helped you prosper.

It will backfire and the sooner the better. There are alternatives.


I agree!!!!! Direct doesn't give a hoot aout old customers.

Oh they'll dangle a carrot in front of your nose if your contract is almost up. I know---I've been with them for ,10 years.


Why should you get a discount? They have a fee for a service and that is the service you receive.

Do you get discounts from your electric company for being a long time customer. Oh you pay your bills on time? Why should that entitle you to a discount?

Companies offer deals to new customers to attract them to their service. This already means that you more than likely received one of these great deals when you signed up.

But guess what, companies lose money on these deals. Only when you begin to pay the regular price after the offer ends do they start to make money. This is why you don't keep getting them while you are an existing customer, otherwise these deals would simply be the regular price. Also, what do you think would happen if they stopped making these offers?

They wouldn't get any new customers because those people would go to someone who is offering deals.

Then what? They would go out of business because eventually all existing customer accounts are closed because we all die at some point


The truth is DirectTV does not really give discounts to anyone!this is just a scam to catch new suckers for 2 years! Read the fine print!Once the new customers have been hooked,they raise thier rates.there is always strings attached to their so called discounts and trying to get rid of DTV is another big scam


i'm sorry to hear all the complaints and i know how frustrating this can be. However, last i called..i was able to cut down at least $25 off my bill and i opt in for promo for existing customers..they call every other month with specials on movie and sport channels.

I also agree with the fact that it all comes down to who you speak to and how well you carry yourself on the conversation (i'm not saying that's the appropriate way of business, but FACT is, thats the reality).

first time i called..i spoke to a robot who kept repeating, "we're sorry but there is nothing we can adjust to give you this and that"..i hung up right away. call back in 10 minutes, i was prompted with a much friendlier person, she managed to get me on the specials, and i asked for a manager and she managed to cut down my bill by $25 without changing my plan.


I always pay on time they take it out of my ck acct every month. just because you probably got someone you could sweet talk. I asked to speak to a manager and nobody ever called me back.


what are you talking about it took me only 15 minutes the get a 20 discount from them and that wasnt een the reason i was calling, if you were a "good paying customer" like you said you could get discounts but most people i know that complaint are always paying late...

just my opinion


You must work for someone who doesn't care about there customers. It's that kind of atitude that is causing customers to look else where for there needs. Get a grip on yourself.


We were with Direct Tv 16 years. We have watched our bill contantly go up.

Recently when I called about the great deals that are going on now they said they were only for new comsumers. We have always paid our bill on time an been loyal to them.

Basically it was just to bad for us. Even when I asked about the long time we had been with the company it doesn't matter.