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We have had DirecTV for 1&1/2 horrible years of losing the picture due to rain, wind, planes and ??? Tonight, after I turned off the TV, took a shower and came back, the picture was once again snow.

(BTW, we had 3 DVRs changed out in the first 2 months, plus at least 6 technicians who tried to make DirecTV work, and it has been better, but it has never been great. It still skips and they can't seem to fix that so we live with it.) Tonight I tried all of the reboot routine myself (check both remotes, be sure the channels are correct, unplug the DVR, wait, replug it, hit the reset button, unplug the TV, try the input buttons. . .) I then called DTV & went through the entire reboot routine again.

After nothing worked, I was told no help is available for a WEEK. It's the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so NO holiday TV movies or football! I said that was totally unacceptable, and got an apology. I have asked before, when we first had so much troule, if I could just get out of the contract, but NO.

To cancel before 9/12 means a huge penalty. I am so angry I worry about my health. I feel helpless because this heartless, inept, poor excuse for a service company can't fix anything and will not let me just cancel and get back my cable, which WORKED! (I switched to save money--what a joke--they keep raising the rates every few months, so they are liars and *** artists as well as being a very bad company.) Anybody thinking of switching to DirecTV?


Use rabbit ears--build your own dish out of tin foil, but do NOT contract with this underhanded bunch of theives!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Susan H

Thanks, larry the cable guy--You sound as though you know what you're doing. We have had the stability checked and I was told it was good (who knows?) Different techs have gone over & over the cables, and I've been told that the DTV cable wire is just so much more sensitive than what they use for "Cable TV," and that if it's even touching a nail up in the attic, it could short out the system, so one tech went up there and corrected a few issues and it HAS been better, as I said, but it isn't wonderful due to fairly frequent skips, blips or a second of a frozen picture now & then. I'm told it's as good as it gets. (From having DirecTV in Minnesota, I know it's NOT as good as it can be. Apparently in MN, they actually TRAIN the techs--what a concept.) No, we don't even have HD--we have one ratty DVR that can't even find shows with the stars' names, but I now have to get some kind of insurance to cover any damage to that thing. (My TiVo, which never failed me, lies under the master bedroom TV, unhooked and unused.) The big screen in the family room receives the only digital signal in the house--the other 3 TVs are analog and they don't go out.

UPDATE: We went for a week, over Thanksgiving, with NO TV, and then the Friday after Thanksgiving, the tech showed up, pushed a couple of buttons on the remote and the TV was fine. He said, "those guys you call at the home office don't know a thing about this system--they only read what's on their cards and if that doesn't work, they have no other way to help you. SORRY!" Then we got a bill for $89 for his rocket science solution to our unsolvable problem.

I HATE DIRECTV! I think I should stake the sales guys at Sam's Club, where I got railroaded into this, and tell everyone to JUST SAY NO.

Like I said before, send your dog outside with a tinfoil hat before you think DirecTV will be better than that.

--suz in Vegas


Obviously you have a bad install.The unfortunately for you,as im sure you have already figured out,more then 98% of any tech that comes to your house is a complete ***.Know what it takes to become a tech? A 3 day course that they give you all the answers right before they give you the test.And if it wasnt like going into a room full of monkeys flinging poo,that course could only take a day.So you either keep taking your chance on techs or do a little homework and the next time a tech comes dont settle for what they say,make them do what you want.Sounds like you have more then just a you have HD?Does your dish have the correct stability?It should have 6 lag bolts in the "foot" and 2 each in both stabilizing bars.One of which should be directly under the dish,and one behind.satellites orbit more then 22,000 ft above earth,so that dish moving as little as 1/8 inch is hundred of miles by the time it reaches out that 22,000 miles.Is your coax wire RG6 75ohm swept tested to 3ghz?VERY impotant!I really could go on and on>thats a start and in most cases the main issues.Private guys and electricians for that matter are the same as directv techs,contractors just want your money and electricans the same on top of not knowing *** .All wire IS NOT the same . Good luck!


I think you're right--like most unethical businesses, they think they can get away with anything and have to get a letter from an attorney before they even talk to you. I'm not surprised that there are so many complaints about DTV because they have caused me a year of stress.

I just want out. Thanks for the suggestion!

John N

There must be a way to send them a certified letter demanding they live up to their contract and if they don't, then you consider the contract null and void. Any attorney out there with experience in this area? This would be good to know, as I see alot of complaints about Direct TV and others.

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