Directv has dropped 26 channels, the channels are still listed on the Prmium package (which I have) and I suspect I will still get charged the same amount for less choices. I wonder how they can list the channels they have dropped and still charge full price?

If they don't bring the channels back or reduce my bill, I'm going shopping for a new provider. And of course the channels they dropped were my favorites. I can't see staying with Directv at this price for about only a dozen channels I view frequently.

I have written to Directv's customer service site. Let's see what happens.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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CHECK YOUR FACT, when I called DirecTV, the recording listed three and said "and 22 other channels." That equals 25. And 17 or 25, doesn't matter, we don't get what we were paying for. They're a shoddy company that you obviously work for.


17 or 26 isnt the problem. its the missing channels.

it doesnt matter if its 4 channels.

they send a bill every month for said channels that are not being received. plus they first told us on the scrolling script that it was 26 channels and have since changed it to 17.

WTF Does this say?

It's only 17 check your facts before you submit a complaints

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