Bellevue, Washington

WRAL and FOX 50 have a contract with DIRECTV that expires on Dec. 31.

Too often viewers get surprised by these negotiations between local stations and satellite providers. So we want you to know what's going on right now.

We want our news, weather, sports, local programming and CBS to be available to you on DIRECTV. We hope to reach a fair agreement quickly so you don't miss any of your favorite shows.

We hope to reach a quick and fair resolution so you won't miss one minute of WRAL News, the NFL on CBS and FOX, Big Bang Theory, NCIS or the rest of the shows you love on CBS and FOX 50. We want our programming to be available to you on DIRECTV.

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We want our local weather channel back! If this childish, selfish behavior continues we will cancel our membership with Direct TV. Stop putting viewers in the middle of your dispute.



So how much is direct tv paying WRAL now and how much does WRAL want?


It's not right to put customers in the middle. Show some class and put channels back while you all dispute.

You're acting childish.

It makes me want to go back to old aerial tv. Quit being petty and making consumers be the punished.


There are plenty of reality shows on TV and we don't need another one on the weather channel. They also constantly promote global warming and I get sick of hearing it all the time.