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Value for money
Advertised vs Delivered
Price Affordability
Directv - Horrible service!
I was on hold for 30 minutes on two occasions.In error, they charged someone else's bank account for my charges, and when disputed, they refunded the charges to the client billed in error. However, they never notified me of a problem and have now cut off my service and claiming I owe them $325, including late fees! They did not once try to call me to sort out the mess they made. In the meantime, I have not had TV since May. I asked them to...
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Anonymous I mean did you think you just didn't have to pay your bill for 2+ months?

My DVR died last night and I found out that I have to pay $20 for them to ship me a new one. So, not I have to pay to loose the 800gb of movies I have stored..OH BOY!!. Just because they don't have any local stores for drop off and pick up I have to pay for shipping (like there are no AT&T store located in Toms River NJ) So I figured I'd ask about the one Starz channel I haven't been receiving in 3 months, maybe wind, who knows. I was told...
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I didn't like
  • 200 2 year agreement not a sliding scale to terminate
  • Horrible billing and promotion practices
  • Not able to get partial credit for missing premium channels
I was going to disconnect because I could not afford them when they told me they would give me $20 off a month and I could get a DVR that would only raise my bill $6 I specified I did not want to be under a contract again they told me I would not be under contract I have been with them for many years I believe them when they said I would not be under contract the person came and gave me the DVR I asked again to make sure I was not signing...
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When I signed up for Directv I assumed I would get a DVR to record programs as I had their service before and had it. I did not get a DVR and that would be another 100 bucks. I ordered HBO and was told an amount my bill would go up. Was never told I would be billed for three months at one time. As I live on a SS check and must budget being hit with a 100 dollar bill messed up my checking account..their respons.."So Sorry". I have till Oct first...
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I didn't like
  • Surprise billing and no dvr
If you are a DTV customer and you have a DTV provided DVR, you do not own it. Doesn't matter if you "bought" it (I've heard people have paid over $500 for these things!) OR if they "GAVE" it to you for signing a 2 year contract. That is only a DOWN PAYMENT on a lease. Your bill will also have a $5 a month lease payment on it. Now, you probably won't notice this till you leave DirecTV. Six months or so later, you will start getting harassing...
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I liked
  • Great tv
I didn't like
  • Mafia
  • That they are criminals
  • Steal from their customers
they send guy to install equipment i ordered a dvr he drops off a bedroom receiver waited 2 weeks for the dvr to get in then they charged me 2 times after i cancelled hbo and hd package was told i was *** by a rep over phone. They have charged me still 2 months after i suspended service cause of the issues i had then wen i had enough wen told my bill is late wen i have 120 in credit the supervisor says *** you ur dumb and we are being generous...
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I have been offered two plans that apparently don't exist for existing customers by sales representatives through Costco's DirecTV sales unit and through AT&T, which now owns DirecTV, which DirecTV doesn't offer. The Costco sales rep told me that, although I was an existing customer, since I had had my service for longer than two years, I could sign up as a new customer through Costco's DirecTV plan (which offers much better pricing) and get...
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I didn't like
  • Moving target pricing
  • Sold me a plan that did not exist twice
  • Forced me to call to downgrade my plan
With the exception of Rafael Name who hooked up my service, the entire Direct TV billing, accounting and customer service experience has been horrible. I never wanted a DVR or premium movie channels but I was told I had to have them to get service, I just had to call to cancel, which I did. The girl told me that the premium channels fall off automatically. Wrong. I have been billed $54 for channels I have never looked at and called a liar by the...
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I liked
  • Service installer was courteous
  • Great choice of channels
I didn't like
  • Service rep suggesting i was not truthful
  • No alternatives