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DirecTv did not honor the price they quoted me with my order. After refusing to correct the problem after my first bill, I canceled service. They automatically billed me for a HUGE early cancellation fee.

It took me a couple weeks and some fighting, but I got my money back. You can too. You have to beat them at their own game using thier own rules that they spell out in their customer agreement.

Want to know how I did it? Go to

Don't give up. Get them back. You can do it!!!

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I need to cancel my contract with Direct TV because I have to move and cannot take the service with me. They want to charge me $300. Is there anything to help me get out of this without being penalized for something that is out of my control.


i got mines back as well, had to do the samewhen they went in my account, i never signed any agreement, back of america did a really good job

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