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On 4/7/08, I called DIRECTV to cancel my account and much to my surprise, I was told that I was still under contract. The rep stated that if I cancelled my account, a cancellation fee would apply.

I was told that my contract was extended for 18 months, starting last December. He stated that I would have to pay $20 for each month of the contract, that was not completed. In my case, that total would be $280.00. My first issue is that last December, I called DIRECTV because one of my standard boxes was malfunctioning (through no fault of my own).

The rep stated that it sounded like a manufacturing defect. She said that she would send me a replacement box in the mail. Now, I pay for the Protection Plan for all of my boxes, every month. So if anything went wrong with any of the boxes, I'm entitled to a replacement box, with no cost to me.

So THAT coupled with the fact that I wasn't signing up for additional services or for boxes for a different room, there was no reason to extend my contract. My second issue was that the rep NEVER informed me that she was extending my contract. Had I known, I would have continued to use the defective box, seeing as how I was considering leaving DIRECTV for Verizon anyway. Under NO circumstances would I have agreed to extend my contract.

I was told that I should email DIRECTV to dispute any cancellation fee that I may incur. I sent an email to them, only to get a response saying that when I agreed to have them send me a "replacement" box, I was agreeing to an extended contract. Apparently, ethics have gone down the toilet with DIRECTV if they have to stoop to this level to maintain customers. I am disappointed at their lack of integrity.

I will *** the bullet and pay the cancellation fee. For it is a small price to pay for ending my business with such an unethical company such as DIRECTV.

I hope Verizon claims ALL of DIRECTV's customers.

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It should be very clear from the sheer number of posts that Direct tv is an unethical poorly run organization. Fraud is the normal way this company conducts business.


WHY isn't the government overseeing this? Where is the regulation? THESE CORPORATIONS can do WHATEVER THEY WANT - BECAUSE THEY CAN.

They get unsuspecting consumers by lying and deceiving. I am going through this now with Direct TV. I am a senior citizen and I WON'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! I can assure you that something illegal is going on. (BTW - oral contracts, and even bogus 20 page contracts when the serviceman installs, aren't worth the paper they are written on.)

WE ALL must not let this happen! Fight. Do not let them take control of your bank accounts. Call your bank ..... tell them they deceived you, explain and tell them not to honor payment to Direct T.V. Believe me, you can take THEM (Direct TV) to court!!!!!


Me too. I just call Direct TV February 6 of 2013 to cancel my TV cable account, and I was informed that I will be charged in $400 fee because my contract was renewed in November 2012 since one of my DVR equipment was upgraded! When direct TV offered me to upgrade the DVR equipment, there was any information about to an automatic account renew for 2 more years. I explained that I already moved to Dishnetwork because my family are brazilians and Dish has 7 brazilian channels and Direct TV has only 2. I was sure that this should not represent any problem because my contract with Direct TV was expired 6 months ago! The lady on phone (representative) told me that I agreed with an oral agreement to renew. I don’t remember that. They don’t explain that clearly to the customer, misleading us to believe that the rules of the agreement refers to the device DVR only and not to the account contract. Anyway, I didn’t sign any document to confirm that. I explained to the customer representative that I don’t have resources to pay $400.00, but she said Direct TV will charge me anyway.

So I suspended my account for 3 months (we customers have that option) while I search a way to escape from this dirty trap of Direct TV.

Help! What I can do? Is there an organization or process that I can fall back on in order to get help? I will appreciate any help. Thanks!


I have just run into the same RIP OFF when trying to cancel my service. I have been a loyal Directv customer for many many years.

Last year I add a HD receiver, upgrading my service. Now I am trying to cancel and they tell me I have an early termination fee because I started a "new" 24 month contract when I go the HD receiver. This is outrageous. I was never told about a new contract.

The smart mouth customer service rep told me that when I signed the service form at installation is when I agreed to the new contract. I guess I didn't read the fine print. I had great respect for Directv in the past and ever recommended them to other people. NOT ANYMORE.

This is just plain FRAUD as far as I'm concerned. Ripping people off for hundreds of dollars for no reason.

I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER return to Directv for any reason in the future. Screw them.


DirectTV should be ashamed of how they treat loyal customers. After 12 years, I switched to Fios as it'a a MUCH better deal.

The $20 per month fee applied to me as well, a total of $200 dollars. I'm not sure what I will do with the old dish, but, something that will make me feel better :)


Directv rep said that I can bundle Directv cable service and internet service. After I signed 2yr contract, I found out that Directv cannot supply internet service in my area.

Now I have two pay two seperate companies for service. Tried to get out of contract with Directv because they cannot deliver what they promised.

Directv is now unwilling to waive early termination fee of almost $500. Ripoff!


I agree with all that is said about dirctv, nothing BUT RIPOFF and something needs to be done about there so called contract, It is BS they say you are under contract so now they can treat you very poorly not care what works and doesn't work and charge whatever they want, someone needs to stand up and change there law with this, they should not have contracts under any circumstances maybe customers would get treated better and get better service.


How does a person fight a big company like Directv? We cancelled after a yr, because of poor service and some equipment problems.

All directv wanted extra money for fixing any equipment problems. Plus when we called about any price increase they said our bill would not go up. Next months bill showed a $30.00 increase. So, we terminated their services.

When we called there nothing said about a 2yr contract.

Now, Directv is charging us for the extra months fees, saying we signed up for 2 yrs. We consider this extortion, plain and simple!!!


Had I read this two months ago I never would have signed up with DirecTV... Had I known I would be receiving the service I'm receiving now I never would have signed up with DirecTV.

I have only had DirecTV for two months and its been a poor, agonizing, and frustrating experience. First, I was being billed for a box that was never installed. That was a pain to get them to remove that and credit the account. Then only two weeks into the service the power inserter for the main box dies.

Its obvious that was the issue (error code and no light on the power inserter), so I call up DirecTV... nearly 30 minutes of 'troubleshooting' the tech support rep decides a technician needs to come out. Instead of just mailing or having a tech drop off a power inserter I had to wait almost a week for a technician to come to the house. The tech was late, and there no more then 10 minutes.

He was surprised, they didn't just send me another power inserter, because its such a simple fix. Next thing I know, my bill is overcharged again by $45. So I call DirectTV up again, I tell the rep I was supposed to have another month of the 3 month Premium Trial. She tells me no that trial is over, and you are being charged for it now.

I had to explain to the rep I have only had the service for 2 months which means there is another month in a 3 month trial. Finally she realizes the error, and says she can credit the account. That is unacceptable, I ask that the $45 be refunded to my debit card, because I enrolled in auto pay. It takes 30 more minutes to finally speak to a superviser, who was completely rude.

Basically says there is nothing they can do because it must be over $100 in order to refund to a debit card. The supervisor continued to be rude with me and finally I just ask to be taken transferred to the Cancellation Department. Where I then spoke to a smart *** rep, who said unless I speak with the corporate office there is no way I can get my money refunded. He also tells me because I downgraded my package, I lost the Premium Channel trial.

I was no told this when I downgraded and even attempted to end the trial at that point but the rep said I would still have it for another month. I gladly told him if it was an issue, cancel the trial now. After nearly an hour on the phone with DirecTV, nothing was accomplished, I refused the credit and am now awaiting a call from the corporate office. This experience I have received now has to be on the lines of cancelling without paying the fee.

Because I can only imagine if the first two months has been this bad, the next 22 months are going to be a nightmare.

Word of advice, do your homework don't get suckered in like I have. To you DirecTV, learn how to operate a good , upstanding, and honest business.


I got resuckered in to Directv again. I already had the boxes so after I canceled my service with my local cable tv company I hooked up the boxes (this is a month after Directv said they turned everything back on) and it said I didn't purchase these channels - blah blah - like my service was terminated.

So I am going to get my local cable company back on..and either keep only one box on the lowest service possible or cancel my debit card and send them all back and tell them screw them. This is after they took $500 in early cancelation fees and charges for the boxes from prior service.

I made them reimburse me but it took them 3 weeks! DONE with them!


direct tv got me to sign there contract by having me sign the work order, i would have never sign it if i woudl have know that it ment early disconect would be a financhal penalty,sheeeese, big rip off!!!!!!!!


been a directv cust. since 1995.

had hd added to existing service 10/2010. called directv 11/2011 to cancel rep told me i would have a 20.00 early cancelation fee??? she put me on hold came back and saig she had made a mistake. the new fee would be 260.00 does anybody know why just adding hd would constitute a new contract.

wasnt told anything about contract. I guess if a piece of equipment went bad that also would be a new contract


Here's the way to get out of your contract:


Direct tv has majorly pissed me off! I called to cancel our service and they kept us on hold forever and then the women wanted to

Ask me abouch of questions and even argued with me about me trying to cancel. We can not get abc with direct tv

Had to go through this long process to do a wavier to see if I'm eligible when all my nebiors get it free with dish! They winded up denying us abc and when you live in Louisiana and can't watch the lsu game it's a pretty big deal! So after I argued with the lady forever and got her to let me talk to the supervisor and he didnt help anything I mite as well been talking

To a brick wall. So, after all the *** service they tell me I have to pay 280 dollars to cancel because my contract Is up yet which is crazy being that this is the first time I've heard anything about a contract! I will never do any buisness with these people again they defently

Stick it to you as much as possible and they say they can't wave any of the fee when I know for a fact they can.


Local retail store quoted me a price for direct tv, internet service and telephone service. I paid shipping, spent about 3 hours watching installation then cleaning up the mess the installer left.

Got the first bill and it was 20+ dollars higher then the quote. I contacted everyone involved and all agreed it was the wrong price. Direct tv refused to honor the quoted price so after some terse conversations, I canceled. Now they want me to pay 420 early cancellation fee.

They refuse to even discuss the fact I was given the wrong price. I'm pretty determined that I will not pay this.


What a *** ripoff DirectTV is! I signed a 2 year contract in May 2010.

I recently moved to an apartment where first the landlord said "no" to the dish and then agreed, as long as I did not drill holes in their walls (fair enough). DirecTV tech comes over...twice...and reports back saying "no landlord permission". In fact, turns out that my balcony faces the wrong there's no line-of-sight! If the tech reports it as a line-of-sight issue, then you can terminate the contract at no cost.

But that's where DirecTV gets you! If you can get line-of-sight from your neighbors house, and the neighbor refuses permission, they'll still call it "no permission" and refuse to cancel the contract!!! This is exactly what one of the supervisors at customer support told me, not 15 minutes ago!! Believe that??!

No line-of-sight due to a tree becomes "no permission to chop down tree" line-of-sight due to a building becomes..."no permission to install dish on obstructing building".



I filed a complaint with the FCC:

My wife was pressured in signing up for Direct TV. Those sales tactics can be pretty deceiving because she was told that the signing contract was for 1 year. Anyway, she accepted the offer and scheduled an appointment for the weekend. After I came home, I reviewed the contract and it was actually for 2 years. So I was, no big deal just cancel it. I called Direct TV to cancel and the first attempt ended in a disconnect phone transfer after I mentioned to cancel it as no equipment was installed. The second calls ended in another disconnect call after someone tried to transfer me to the cancelation department. The third attempt, I was able to speak to someone and after I mentioned I was getting my wife as the account holder, I was placed on hold. I spoke for 5 minutes and the technician acted as she could not hear me. The fourth call, I was really frustrated and demanded not to be on hold and not to be transferred. Finally, I explained why I wanted to cancel and besides, I was the account holder for my current provider Dish Network. The sales guy wanted to know a better reason why we went with your service and that is when I said, regardless of any reason, regardless of any circumstances that is my personal business and none of yours. I just explained him I did not want to be tied up to a 2 year contract. After a while of going back and forth, he finally said he was going to cancel it.

Direct TV, you need to train your help desk support, people should not be giving a million reasons why they want to cancel, customers should not be on hold after mentioning they want to cancel. This a violation of customer rights.


I am fed up with Direct TV and just filed a complaint with the BBB. I suggest everyone here does the same.

They lied and said there is no contract when I initially talked to them, and then they somehow send an email stating that there is. My satellite reception went down and when I called them to fix it, they told me it would be a $49 fee. I finally spoke to a supervisor, after 30 min of being on the phone, who told me they would wave the fee, fix the satellite and give me $100 towards my account. I was so fed up by that point I said no...just cancel my account, and that's when they said they would slap me with a $320 cancellation fee.

I'll fight this till the end. Apparently if you take it to small claims court they "might" drop the fee.


Many times reps mess up and won't give proper information many times think their contract has been extended for a repair when they have upgraded during this from something such as a standard IRS has gone out and they got a DVR. This yes will ALWAYS give you a contract increase, however there ARE ways around this.

If your "moving" into an area that direct tv does not service this breaks the contract without penalty. Another way is not to cancel but to reduce your services to the bare minimums this means approx 15$ a month for a basic plan one receiver standard it cuts your payment into less than the 20$ a month to cancel the contract and you don't have to leave it connected either they can't force you to but keep the receiver because more than likely it is leased not owned. Also for frustrating repairs if you have a receiver that is acting up and your smart you carry the protection plan your covered! Now if your covered NEVER talk to a directv employee For tech support DEMAND to talk to the Protection Plan department this is a outside company directv hires to fix the *** they can't!

And being I use to work for them I can sayits a hard job but they are better trained and better knowledgeable more accurate etc. This is key listen to their instructions many times because DTV makes *** equipment it is an issue outside the receiver if this is the case they will need to send technician out this is NOT covered nor are replacements if you have changed ANYTHING in the install so put it back into the correct and never admit anyone including the dog touched a thing without instruction.

If this still fails and your fed up tell them it has no power lights or any function like it's not plugged in tell them no matter what steps your run through this is the case and they will send you a new receiver. Good luck everyone!


Same story hear I just saw my credit report and they sent me to collection. When i was told i had to pay to cancel after being there customer since 2003.

I told them I would not pay.

They told me the total was 240 so i canceled my card and now the collections agency says I owe 290.00 WTF. I wont give them the satisfaction of a payment Id rather have it on my credit for seven years.