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After being a DirecTV customer for over 8 years, I decided to switch to a competitor when DirecTV and Viacom were negotiating a new contract.

During the negotiations, I lost over 50 channels (as we all did). DirecTV communicated the uncertainty of reaching an agreement with Viacom, and also cited that my (already high) rate will likely go up once an agreement was reached and my channels (possibly) restored.

So I chose to switch providers. And DirecTV billed me a HUGE early termination fee - about $400 - based on some technicality. Even after I was a loyal customer for such a long time.

This sort of practice is totally unethical and should be stopped. It's probably too late for me, but it shouldn't happen to anyone else ...

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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You must have gotten a new receiver if they charged you an early cancellation fee. All contract are only for 24 months, and that is for your receivers only.

You must have gotten a new receiver recently because they charge you 20 dollars for ever month left on your contract. DirecTv is not any worst then in other company it is that we as people never read the small print and the entire contract until are accounts get debited.

And also before you cancel they tell you about the fees you are going to incur by cancelling.... I get it you were pissed as we all were when we lost the stations you changed your service


If they charged your credit card,you can dispute the charges and many banks will let you do this too if they took it from your bank acc..


jajajajjajajaj 50 channels? pffffff thats straight BS jajajajja dude, those were only like 17 channels and actually nobody watches more than 5 from that list tssss besides that, you only lost the channels for 9 days and got encore channels free that have a value waaaaay higher than those *** channels, pay more attention before complaining about *** things without reasonable arguments jajaja


screw em! you never have to pay a cancellation fee...

ever! tell them to shove itup their *** and to sue you for it. they lie mislead and cheat more than enough rendering all their contracts null and void. they will lose!

then counter claim and mop the floor with their sorry ***! i do it just for fun lol


You lost know more than 26 channels for 9 days and you most likely got some sort of credit for it if u were in a contract then your on the hook for it this is a bogus complaint your just upset you lost money