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On Friday evening a DirecTV employee accessed my roof and trespassed illegally.There were a total of 6 signs that this technician ignored.

Not only did he set off the alarm, which rang for 3.5 hours until I shut it off but he put the safety and security of all 9 families that live in this building in jeopardy by taking the hallway mat and placing it on the door frame and kept the door from being locked!

How could a company like this employ someone with blatant disregard to signs and safety?!?!I am utterly appalled.

Reason of review: Illegal entry to roof.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Sevenfold technologies has no technician that is a employee. They only contract contractors. The contractors are sole proprietary.

Huntington, West Virginia, United States #1184901

Any new DirecTV customer is required to sign paperwork stating that they have permission from their landlord before installation can begin.The only time an installation would not take place on the roof of a home or complex would be if the technician is unable to gain a signal from the location or if the technician is specially asked to install the dish on pole mount.

If no signal is able to be located then a pole mount is free; however, if the signal is available but the customer requests a pole mount then there is a $75 custom charge. All of this information is provided to our new customers prior to the orders being placed. In order to ensure that there is no misunderstanding regarding the installation policy customers are provided all the information verbally and then they are also transferred to an automated system that requires them to either agree or disagree before the order can be completed.

With that being said, the order was placed, recorded and the occupant who set the order up had signed paperwork stating that their landlord was fully aware of the installation and gave permission for it to be complete.

While I understand how disturbing it can be to the owner of the building to find something installed that they were not expecting - I think it's important to remember that an occupant of the building set the install up and fraudulently represented their landlord's permission for the installation.Legally, it is the tenant's responsibility -...

*Former DirecTV supervisor*

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I do not see anything written about holes being drilled only security issues. It is almost impossible to drill holes in that old concrete and if they did it would severly compromise the roofing material, the roof is likely flat as well making leaks a real problem. The tenants are the ones using the dish service and the service tech should have been accompanied by the tenant that had the service call at a minimum. Anyway nothing happened.

San Leandro, California, United States #929579

As owner or management of the building all you need to do is disconnect and remove the dishes.Or call Directv and have them remove it.

There's no argument, they can't refuse.Next step is a conversation with your tenant(s) about appropriate and permitted placement of dishes.


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