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I have had directv for approximately 25 months and decided to change service for price, quality of service, and better on demand access, of course they have to figure how to *** one last time. I upgraded a tv in my basement from standard to hd,in December 2010 from my original contract of May 2010.

I paid a 100.00 fee for the HD receiver, additional monthly charges for HD service and they based on the small print, extended my service 24 months. So I go to cancel in June 2012 and low and behold they slam me for the cancellation fee. I argue they laugh, I dispute they say I changed my service and therfore they are right to charge the cancellation fee.

They are crooks, *** and i will never ever use there services and will tell anyone contemplating using their services to think again. They suck.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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Anytime you upgrade or make a change in service it turns back the clock on your contract.


Yes, it must be their customer service. After all the people on the phones determine that a new receiver comes with a new contract.

You are an *** if you didn't do more research before paying for something like that. How the *** else do they guarantee they will have customers? Not only does every single company do this to new customers but other companies have a contract that comes with a new piece of equipment leased or non leased.

You didn't do your research. Shame on you.


I am looking at the specials for Direct but all the problems with customer service is making me have second thoughts..geez

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