Roberts, Wisconsin

Usually when adding extra time to a program, the conclusion, either end's too early, or cuts into the following show. I realize this is a very small,yet frustrating,complaint.

Directv IS the best choice, of any other satellite available. Due to house fire, in an attempt to save money, I decided to bundle package.

In process of moving, my son's untimely death, many other various challenges,TV was not a priority...until...I actually had some time to decompress,and TV became one of my fleeting moments to "zone out".

But no!

Now(then)I was not only STUCK with DISH, (which company STILL has the audacity to send me flier's), calling Tech, to try and figure out how to work the *** thing (most of whom I spoke with, did'nt know how either)I soon decided to go back to Directv, which NOW (then) I did not qualify for any promotions. PLUS, having to pay DISH $400.00 to nullify their contract.

What a miserable experience. Simply attempting to have a short break from the *** I was already going through! This being only a fraction of a hair of the pain.

All this from one meager complaint!

Apparently I now have the capacity to vent. REALLY, this ought to be sent to Dish. Even with the very few and minor incident's, I tell everyone to get DIRECT! DO NOT GET DISH!!!!!! You rep's are more helpful and friendly too.

Apology for length. Just got on a roll there. TYVM. Lonnie

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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My account number is 80232971. Name is Ola Smith.

I received a bill in the mail stated that my services will be interrupted on July 23, 2018. On my computer it states that my services will be interrupted on 8/31/2018 in the amount of 149.71. So, which bill is correct. I would like my services back on.

I am going by the bill on my computer. My intentions is to pay the whole bill of 249.71 on the first of August.

My phone number is 8043091491. Thank you.


@ Larry Directv sucks major balls! I never liked it when I had it!

It was the worst *** *** ever! You are the one that's a *** d o u c h e!

You are a *** @sshole for standing up for Directv! Now you can *** ck off you *** son of a ***


first of all d o u c h e.Directv is just the way you receive your programming,They dont make the decisions as to when a show starts or stops on any network.

Second of all,What kind of piece of *** gets on a site like this with such a trival complaint in the same breath as telling us all about your dead son?YOU S U C K!!!