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DirecTV starting sending Spam to my Satellite receivers a few months back. When I called and asked for them to turn those notices OFF; they filed a Trouble-Ticket, but they didn't do anything. For the past few weeks now DirecTV has been using Giant Banners within the Guide to promote shows and different channels. These Banners were used at first to inform customers that some channels were moving, but it has now turned into Advertisements. DirecTV is making money from companies that want to promote a show and we the ((PAYING CUSTOMERS)) are now having to suffer through this harassment! And just like the Spam-Notices, DirecTV will not turn these notices off. It is only a matter of time before these banners are everywhere throughout the Guide; promoting everything for Foods to Airlines. Because things like this don't just go away, companies keep pushing the limits of Advertisements. This wouldn't be as big of a deal if DirecTV was FREE; seeing as FREE services use Banner-Advertisements to make money, but our service is NOT free! It's almost $100 per-month! So now not only do I have to deal with Banner Ad's on the Internet, but now I have to be harassed by them while watching the Satellite TV that I pay for! These new Advertising Tactics are Totally and Completely Unacceptable! What right does DirecTV have in taking money from companies; just so they can market their goods through the Channel-Guide?! Since we have to pay for DirecTV's services; then we shouldn't also be forced to deal with Advertisements!

If DirecTV is going to continue this, then they should lower the cost of all their Subscribers service fee's. It's not fair that DirecTV gets to make extra Advertisement money, and we don't get anything in return but to be annoyed by seeing these Ad's! Or better yet DirecTV can just GET RID OF THE BANNER ADVERTISEMENTS!! No one likes Banner Ad's; especially when those Ad's our part of a service that we have to pay for!

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Here is how to get rid of thise annoying, unwanted DTV cinema ads that pop up on your channel guide. First, disconnect your DVR, Genie or whatever receiver you have from the internet.

Next, reset the receiver by pushing the red button that reboots it. when it comes back up ALL of those nasty little ads are GONE!!


I just left Dish because of their dispute with AMC and went to Direct. Wish I had known about the annoying banner ads that are there not just to inform ,but I believe with the intention of getting little kids to push the button on that line with all the pictures and bright colors on it therefore ordering a movie without your knowledge.

I think when my 2 years are up I'm just going to get an antenna and go back to just the broadcast locals. Just about anything worth watching on satellite or cable can be seen on the web usually within a few days, so unless you are one who has feels the need to discuss what happened on tv the night before around the water fountain the next day why have them period.


I couldn't agree more. You mentioned it's only a matter of time before these damned banners are everywhere on the channel guide?

Well guess what, mine right now has 3 of them and I have all but a few of the channels hidden because I don't watch all the garbage channels on there. Not long back they had 2 banners for OWN back to back with 1 channel seperating them.

I get mad everytime I look thru the guide and here these very annoying things are. I hadn't even thought about how much they are paid to have these on there.

It's not enough that every single commercial break is 90% direct tv tooting thier own horn, but these really tick me off because like you said, our bill is over $100 a month.

Another thing that really gripes me is on the dvr, that *** banner across the bottom each time you hit pause or ff. Most shows have some kind of captioning across the bottom during the broadcast for whatever reason and you can't see what it says unless you back up far enough so that *** banner is gone before it gets to the part you were wanting to see what it says. My husbsnd and I both agree that going to direct tv was the worse mistake we've made in awhile and as soon this 2 yr contract is up we'er going back to dishnetwork.

And I can't wait until I call to cancel to tell them why. I could list at least 10 reasons.

@Teresa Rice

I have just two words for you, "Dish Network".