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My service was disconnected on a Friday and Direct say the have 24 hours customer service 7 days a week, however I went to pay my bill after midnight on a Saturday and they were closed.I called Saturday and spoke with someone in a third world county paid may bill and my service is still off. The rep said that I had a special dept. handle my service and today is Sunday and my bill is paid and my service is still off. I were given three different...
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GARBAGE.I became a direct customer a year ago. When I purchased their service I was guaranteed a two year or emotional rate, after the first year of 77$ a month basic pay without pay per view I get a Bill for 277$. I called and was told the don't have 2 year deal and their was noting they could do. A 133.78 or that 277 was for pay per view that was from movies as far back as Jan. this is now July, I was informed it happens and they would not...
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I paid for a year of service (the Entertainment package) at 36.99 a month. I received my bill and saw I was being billed 51.99. I was told it would even go up more ( to 56.99) . It seems that the Direct TV agents will tell you anything to get your money. I can't deal with a company that will tell you one price and then charge you more and then makes it appear you are the bad guy because you called them on their dishonesty. I cancelled their...
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