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OK folks, first of all let me say it takes a lot for a company to anger me to the point of senseless complaining on the web, but in this case I'm livid and I want anyone that has or is considering DirecTV service to be aware of this situation. If nothing else it will help you protect yourself at some point in the future.

So we were loyal DirecTV customers for 11 years. Got our first satellite dish and receiver with money we received from wedding gifts. At that time there were two companies DirecTV and USSB who later combined into what is now DirecTV. Over the years we went through many changes with them, including this BS where despite paying heavily upfront for a new receivers and having to sign contract extensions, they claim you only lease the boxes from them.

So when we moved to our new home, we cancelled our DirecTV service. We were still under contract (this is kinda BS too but that's another story) so we had to pay a $200 termination fee. No problem we paid the final bill in full on April 21 and were done with them, or so we thought. You see part of the cancellation process is you have to return the leased equipment to them. They sent us a prepaid box, I shipped the boxes back to them and according to both DirecTV and FedEx, they received the equipment on April 6.

So on April 22 (after I had paid our final bill), DirecTV added a non-return of equipment fee to our account of $448.80!!! They also immediately charged my debit card $148.80 as part of that and sent us notice of an outstanding balance of $300.00 and sent us a email notice stating our bill was past due $300 on April 23!! So I've been on the phone all day with DirecTV trying to get the Visa charge reversed. They refuse to do so. Instead they want to credit our DirecTV account (which they say takes 5 business days) and then I have to call back and request a credit to my Visa card which could take up to another week! In the meantime, my checking account is missing $!50 it should have, DirecTV refuses to do anything to assist and won't cover any NSF charges if they were to occur (which they won't only because I am fortunate enough to have reserves to draw on). They also refused to provide me with the address of their corporate offices even after I told them it was information I needed for the complaint I'm filing with the Federal Trade Commission regarding them.

So I've filed my complaint with the FTC, I've also disputed the charge with my bank since these charges were not authorized (I was notified by DirecTV in writing that the automatic billing had been discontinued at the end of March). This charge is fraudulent and they refuse to take the proper action which is an immediate reversal of the charge. If you are considering a switch to DirecTV, I'd strongly urge you to consider AT&T U-Verse or Dish Network first. After 11 years of being their customer, I'm pretty disgusted by how I'm being treated. To anyone I've encouraged over the years to switch to DirecTV, I'm sorry, I never knew they were this bad.

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I had the same problem About 6 years ago I sent it back in there prepaid box then they claimed the never received it

I refuse to pay it - they put me in collaboration bogus BS & I will never pay it for there bad receiving department.- never will I purchase or recommend them to anyone in this life time.

to Todd Arnson #1227758

Collection that is.


I have a collection agency calling me for $400 for boxes I already returned 6 months ago.


I completely understand your frustration last year they pulled thriple payments for my bill out of my account and refused to return any money they said there records indicated only one payment each month recieved.I ended up having to get proof from my bank send it to them and contact better business bureau.

It took 3 months and they did not return the money they only credited the money to my account.

Then I spent 6 months without a working box they insisted it was my tv not their box and after paying the $5.99 service what ever it is. They tried charging me $150.00 to come out and fix it. I had a tv repair man out to check the tv costing my $25.00 and then directtv finally did a service call and admitted it was a cord to their box that was burnt....

They refused to refund me the $25.00 and took me an entire day on the phone to drop the $150.00 call charge... What a waist of my precious time!

DIRECT TV your service is ***!from your customer of 4 years


After suffering with DirecTv for our entire 2 yr.agreement - I was finally able to cancel it.

I returned the boxes just like instructed and now, just like others, am being charged for "non-returned" equipment.

Has anyone had any luck getting these charges dropped?I don't have their equipment and I just want to be DONE with them.


They sent me one box to somehow stuff 3 receicers into and I received notice a month later that a collection agency now wants about $700.No phone calls from direct tv.

Guess I will have to sort it out and send the equipment to them somehow.Might be a good idea to pay for ups to deliver it so I can confirm receipt.


For me it was the tech who took the damage recevier and he never called it into Directv.Still trying to straighten out.


On Jan.18, 2012 I contacted direct TV for new service after rushing a long time with them getting all my information and running a credit report they finally set me up for installation for Jan 20.

On jan 20 th I received a phone call from a direct TV rep telling me they were cancellong my service order due to sn outstanding balance on 640 some dollars from service thru them a while back for unreturned equipment. Well when our last bill was pain I'm full we received the equipment boxes from them, equipment was returned thru Fed Ex and then next thing we are being charged for that equipment they state it was never received when in fact it was. Now for this new account they charged 21.50 on my bank debit card I asked them since they Re not providing me with any service they should refund that to my account well the girl on the phone was a very rude person who just told me they would not refund my money because it was charge for shipping of my equipment. Well I never even got a person at my doorstep so what equipment are they charging for so she said its not their problem the equipment was delivered to their employee and now they are not using it at my house so the 21.50 is not refundable, she said call your bank or credit card holder and handle it thru them which I immediately did and I also filed a complain with the better business bureau.

After I told the direct tv employee about md filing complains she started laughing and said do what ever you want to do...

Probably the equipment that we return and they claim they never got they already installed it in someone else's homes and we are being charged for it.I really think there needs to be something done to get this company to return all the money they have stolen from us the customers and the bad part is they steal it with a big smile on their face and they laugh when we dispute it.

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Just got off phone w/Directv for 2nd time in a week...they say they rec'd my "cards" from my receivers on Nov 9th but claim they never got my equipment back.I was not aware there were "cards" inside the equipment to remove and ship back-I don't want their *** laying around my house, taking up space, why would I keep it if I cancelled service?

What use is it? Why would I want to keep it if it will only cost me money ($270)? Common sense is something that Directv does NOT have. Customer service are short with me, treat me like a dumb female.

The installer tore my guttering off my house when he installed the dish so if they want to play games, I can have someone come fix my guttering and send them the bill. I also put a dispute on the charge they put on my credit card after being told if I cancel before a month is up, I don't owe a dime.

I cancelled after a few days.I could keep going and going...next phone call, I'm asking for a supervisor.


That happened to me as well,please if anyone has the phone number of federal trade commission ????I make a complaint direct tv only steals people

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