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After closing and canceling our DirecTV service in July, we were sent a box by FedEx Ground which contained a prepaid USPS return label. Our DirecTV equipment was carefully packed and dropped off in July at our local post office and returned using DirecTV's USPS return label.

On August 6, 2011, our account was charged $401.74 by DirecTV. Upon calling DirecTV, they claimed that our equipment was never returned and they refused to refund our account or try to locate the returned equipment. Since the USPS return label was created on DirecTV's account, we are unable to file a claim with USPS. DirecTV refused to file a claim with USPS.

After researching online, we found that this is very common with customers who close their accounts with DirecTV. There are numerous complaints to be found online about this scam by searching for the phrase "DirecTV Equipment Return Scam". Since the burden of proof is upon the customer to prove that the equipment was returned, customers are essentially helpless against these charges.

DirecTV's business practices are unethical and should be considered mail fraud since the United States Postal Service is used to scam customers. We will not stop until this is resolved.

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Monetary Loss: $401.

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I have the same issue. After 3 hours on the phone, I was finally told that the account was changed to zero balance.

Well guess what - I've now been sent to collections! I refuse to pay for a service I did not have the equipment for in the first place. I did cancel my service at the AT&T store.

Note: We moved to a different state! STAY AWAY FROM DIRECTV!!!


Same thing happened to us!! They are charging us for 2 minis but not the standard?

They were sent back all together.

So they received 1 but not the other 2? Hmm..


I also just got charged today by direct TV for equipment i returned a month ago


Direct tv sent me a bill for unreturned boxes that were returned.


The exact same thing happened to me . When I called them ( twice ) they told me they would investigate it and that it possibly was in their wharehouse and had not been logged in yet .

Both times they were supposed to email me after their investigation and I still haven’t heard from them .

I have outstanding credit and had been a customer since 1995. They have turned my over to a collection agency


I work for the USPS. Any time you drop your return boxes off at the post office make sure the window clerk scans it and gives you the receipt.

This proves you mailed it back to them.

If they say they didn't get it you can fax or mail them a copy of that receipt. When you dropped it off to us you did your part.


Since people are getting wise to this scam and saving return receipts, there is a new one. We had Direct TV installed on one TV only even though we were eligible for 4 under the plan.

When we cancelled they charged us for 3 unreturned receivers we never had. All they keep telling us is that it has been "escalated"

to Anonymous #1527118

File a complaint with the BBB. I filed last Friday and it was resolved the following Monday.

The office of the president resolved it. I went through the same exact thing.


Do not go with Directv they rip you off Lias


Same thing to me now they try ripoff people all way say never return this suck


Just got a bill from them for the same thing. Non return of equipment.

I think what saved me though is I took a pic of the return label and I have the tracking to prove it was delivered. Have been on the phone with them for 20 minutes checking with the 'equipment return department' and suddenly they have magically found it and will be issuing a refund.I'll have to keep an eye on it to see if it will actually happen!


i just got a call from collections , direct turned me over for outstanding payment BS, I had service 8 yrs after my last contract I cancelled service . they never sent box , called told them to send box ,never did collections say we owe $301 for charges , called them to say it must be for the 4 receivers we have we closed account with no balance .

they told us its late fees and no we can keep the receivers we don't need to return them. WHAT??????if someone can help me on this matter please message me FIRSTRESPONDER439@live.com Richard James


I cancelled the DirecTV services on Jan 26 2018. I was told to expect a box, never arrived.

A letter dated Jan 30, 18 told me I could take the equipment to a FEDEX or UPS store. Dropped the equipment on Feb 7, 2018 and was given an AT&T receipt for the returned equipment with a reference number that nobody recognized, my account and the equipment listed. Got a bill for $48.00 for late fee for equipment not returned. Placed several calls, chatted with Directv, visited twice the UPS store - kept telling me I have the AT&T receipt, I'm good to go.

Received reminder for the bill. I found a blog where a person was referring to FCC web site. I placed a complaint with them on April 30, 2018. They contacted AT&T on April 2, 2018.

And today, I received a call from Deborah telling me the charges were reversed, she ensured me I was out of the collection (yes, they did that too) and verified my credit was not affected. The FCC website: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-usFast and efficient.


I have tried 4x to get the information to return the equipment. Just got called a Bi*h from the operator.

She told me to go look up the nearest UPS or FedEx office and take it to them and stop calling. I can't believe you want to return product, then they try and charge you for the product, then you call back to get the instructions and now have been told 4 different things. Someone needs to help Directv.

I think I'll go without any tv before I go back to them. Good luck everyone


Do not even bother trying to get boxes from them your just wasting your time. The lady from the retention Dept.

said my packing supplies would arrive in 7 days nothing, I even got emails with the confirmation that they were sent.

After 10 days I took the stuff up to the UPS store and was out of there in 5 minutes no charge. Apparently they do this quite often to people probably to make a little more money on late fees also the man told me they are under contract with them.


I have the same problem waiting for 30 days for a box to show up. Spent over eight hours with them on the phone most of that time on hold.

They are idiots and I am going to take them to court. I have a refund coming from them and now they are saying I owe money for there equipment. We will see. There service rep.

tried to talk me into another deal with them. I am all set with Directv.

I am calling the BBB and the attorney general on them. They have a terrible reputation.


Have any of you ever gotten this resolved? I’ve been waiting over a year for my refund for returning my equipment!!!

I’m sure I’ve called over 20 times!! Maybe an address?

Fontana, California, United States #1317527

I Called Tgen In Feb To Cancel serve,, I told them I Wanted that dish off my house, They gave me a number to someone in Riverside Calif, I Called & They want $100-00 to take it off, So I Had it taken Off Boxed Paid to ship it back & deducted it off what they said i owe.. + What it cost to have it taken off,


Just a warning to you all! I have gone through 6 weeks of phone calls to Direct TV as I returned their box to them when my contract ended.

They sent me an email saying they did not receive it despite tracking showing it was sent via

USPS. They have lied to me several times, hung up on me, charged my credit card for the box and NEVER done what they said they would. And to top it off, they try to sell me their service each time I call! Really?

Do they EVER think I am going to do business with them again? After 9 phone calls to them and never getting any resolution, I called my credit card company and put a dispute on it. They were so wonderful and the next day sent me an email that said "Dispute Settled" and my credit card was refunded. Why would a company put a good customer through so much?

What a rotten way to treat someone! SO, beware!

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1278865

I shipped back the empty box and they marked my account that they received the receivers. I bet they don't even check the boxes. When people signup for service they give it new equipment so not sure why they even need the old equipment back anyways,

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