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I canceled my DirecTV account after years of poor service. Six months after I canceled my account and returned my equipment, I received a bill for $4.23 for a movie rented in 2004 (7 years before I canceled my account). They told me that they "found" a pay-per-view movie rental when I returned my equipment that had not been billed. The movie was a Disney movie, and it was "found" on equipment that was not in my possession until 2010 (it was a box that I received as an upgrade during a service call).

They refuse to reverse the charge, even though I did not have the equipment in my possession, and NEVER rented a pay-per-view movie in my 10 years as a DirecTV customer. The phone line hookup that is necessary to rent movies interfered with my dsl internet service, so we disconnected it -- thereby disconnecting our ability to order PPV movies. The only way we could order movies was by telephone, which incurred an additional $5 service fee, so we chose to not use this feature.

Despite this, DirecTV insists that we rented a children's Disney movie in an adult only household in 2004, on equipment that was not in our possession, using a technology that we had disabled.

DO NOT USE DIRECTV!!! We only kept them for 10 years because we are football fans and put up with HORRIBLE service, outages, slow customer service response, and outrageous price hikes for the "Sunday Ticket" service. But when our service went out during a snow storm this year, and we missed the Superbowl when our dish became covered with snow and didn't get our service back for over a week while we waited for it to melt, we reconsidered whether Sunday Ticket was worth putting up with this dud of a company and switched to Comcast.

This company is HORRIBLE! ANY provider is better. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS! No TV is better than DirecTV.

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Same situation, not hooked up to any phone jacks, we set it up with a pasword as a prevention measure and yet they are claiming it is still possible to order movies without contacting customer service. I have a friend that has Direct TV service and we tried to order movies without calling them, couldn't get a single movie, is B.S, falty system or just plain greed take the consumer for a ride to their bank, its sounds like Verizon.. Anyone seeking legal advise???


This has just happened to me. Do you have an outcome?

I just contacted the BBC.

I never had a landline (since the cell) and they are saying these are movies ordered from the remote. My total is $197.


This also happened to me! After canceling my service because of moving, I got a bill for $93.

They stated that I rented movies, but this was impossible considering that it was not hooked up! I refuse to pay for something that I did not purchase!