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After our "early" cancellation charges were removed, the final charges $36.66 were paid. A few days later, an e-mail arrived stating the final bill of 43.96 was never paid. Due immediately. Customer service explained these were four unwatched adult PPV charges from 2007 downloaded from the card. Have never ordered a PPV. This was going to collections.

I discovered many similar stories in a internet search. All were adult PPV movies.

I sent them a certified letter and filed a complaint with Oregon's State Attorney's General Office. I pointed out with no e-mail this would have been sent to collections without any notification. The state fraud department contacted me saying they contacted Directv.

Amazing, soon a bill arrived showing the charges being written off. Their collections department was notifying the credit bureaus.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Internet Service.

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Directv false PPV charges.

We are having the same issues no only to the amount of almost $300.00 I am researching the internet and finding out the steps to take in order to make this situation disappear. Thank you for posting.