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When I signed up for DirecTV over the phone I told the sales lady that I wanted 2 HD/DVR's for free since I could get the same thing from Dish Network. She spoke to someone and then came back and said they could do that.

I placed my order and paid for one additional DVR. Three times during my conversation I was told that if there were any problems with my order that I would be able to call back and they could play back the conversation because they were all recorded. I should have been suspicous by her even mentioning this. The technician showed up to install my dish and receivers and he only had one HD/DVR, one HD box, one DVR and two additional boxes which I also ordered.

He got his supervisor on the phone and they told me that it was not possible to honor that order and that I was never promised that. I sent the technician away and called DirecTV back and requested that my conversation be replayed. I was told that could not be done without a subpoena. I have already cancelled my cable.

I am now going to be without everything until I find a replacement or get cable turned back on. I want this fixed.

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there is know company going to give u two hd recivers for free they cost to much monny to just be giving a why u must have mis understood them so u r so displeased with them i have been with for almost two yrs not had a problem with them in fact we moved in our knew place last month and the insallion was not to dtv code and they came out and took care of the problem for us at no cost theyve taken good of me every time i've had a problem

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