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I thought it was just local, but went on the Internet and found all of you guys with the same issue.This is BS.

Here in Fort Myers Florida there have also been 10 or 20 second blackouts on some of the nightly shows. I thought it was a technical issue but it always seem to come at times when Hillary was being criticized.

I have also noticed that if I turn off my television set in the evening while it is on channel 360 when I wake up in the morning and turn the TV back on it is on the DirecTV movie advertising channel.If I turn off the TV while I am watching any other channel when I turn it on in the morning it is still on the channel from the previous evening.

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Lewes, Delaware, United States #1236407

Well, those bastards paid off someone else, Direct TV!Hannity had been saying that this might happen.

The Clinton cartel paid them off.

CNN is behind it too.They hated Fox because they were too Fair & balanced, wow!

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1236330

Fox News looks like hey are deliberately blacking out their station in Cape Coral Fl. Maybe it is time to change servers what do you think people

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1236314

You can go on the Internet and get Fox News Go

Winder, Georgia, United States #1236259

Why is no one on any of the news channels, FOX business, etc.not mentioning this.

No way is this co-incidence.

Now on channel 360 they are saying "NO NEED TO CALL US." I have emailed FOX and friends and Sean Hannity.Getting very ticked!

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