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Going back to the end of October 2011 when Directv had their issue with Fox, i had decided that i would change suppliers if Directv where no longer going to carry. I really did not want the hassle of changing providers however living without Fox Soccer Channel was not an option for me.

I waited for as long as i could and still no agreement had been reached i decided to look elsewhere. AT&T Uverse seemed the most reasonable. After having a chance to compare the packages it turned out that i was getting better programming, HD in an extra room and it was working out cheaper, AT&T also offered to install it the next day, it was a done deal for me. I called up wreckedtv and told them i was cancelling and why i was cancelling, they of course tried to convince me my life would be better off without fox, they offered to give me all kinds of things that they would never have just 24 hours prior, in the end i told them it was non negotiable and i wanted the service cancelled immeditely.

Finally they said i had 4 months left of my contract, i would have to pay a pro rated fee of $20.00 a month to cancel, i said "fine, if thats what it takes". I disconnected the boxes the next day and put them away and to be honest i forget about them. I got quite sick and was in Hospital, Christmas came etc and it came to my attention that Directv had not sent out the shipping boxes to return the equipment and i had just received a letter saying that they wanted $a 447.00 payment so they could reactivate my system! Reactivate my system, what the ***?

So i immediately called them and those unethical bastards deny i ever even spoke to them and that if i had a billing dispute i had to write to them, in the meantime they where going to charge my credit card on file the outstanding amount and decide at a later date if they would refund me any of it. Well *** that, i was told by a neighbor, if you are paying DTV by direct debit auto pay, make sure you cancel your credit card and the authorization for auto pay before you cancel because the bastards will ding your card with ancillary charges and that is exactly what they tried to do, thankfully i put a vendor block on them with AMEX.

As it turns out, my phone bill clearly shows 5 calls made to Directv, some lasting for as much as 35 minutes during the time when they claimed they didn't even speak with me. I can prove that they are lying, all i really want is for this to be handled ethically however if they don't im tempted to take this to court and report them to the BBB.

What would anyone else do in my position? Any feedback would be much appreciated

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Directv Act # 6903xxxx

NY Dept of Consumer Protection Investigating Directv Again

I was fraudulently charged $3,259.47 through recurring bill pay and not allowed to terminate account despite four phone calls and a letter

I was a loyal Directv customer since 2001 and held this account since 2007.

In July 2009 I moved to my current address and utilized the Mover's Connection. Service technicians came to my building two times in July 2009 and were unable to get a signal and I was told the account would be closed out by the supervisor who left with my set top receiver and satellite dish.

The account was not properly disconnected by Directv.

I began getting billed to my debit card so I called Directv and spoke to their disconnect service and requested over the phone to end the account four separate times in 2009. Dtv has acknowledged records of the these conversations with their disconnect service phone line. Their account supervisor refused to close the account because the receiver had not been returned by their service technician. I then wrote Directv a letter on December 7, 2009 to end the account and refund the charges because I did not receive service at the new address beginning in July 2009.

I was told that the set top receivers are refurbished and would have to pay a $400 fee for the missing receiver, though it was taken by directv. I refused to pay the $400 fee. They said the billing would stop once it hit $400 to pay for the missing receiver. The billing did not stop.

I received some credits to my account in November, 2009. Later, they added extra sports packages such as the NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL League Pass, which were not ordered. I was erroniously and fraudulently charged $3,259.47 over this time through a recurring automated payment. On January 4, 2014 the account was finally closed out.

Account supervisor Heather in the Alabama office (badge #442097) apologized profusely for all of the errors and promised a full refund. She contacted the Office of the President to find out if the refund would be one check or debited for each of the fraudulent charges. On January 6. 2014 the corporate office informed me they could not afford to refund that amount of money and only debited back two months of charges.

With a quick google search, there are many other people who have the same disconnect problems and recurring debit issues with Directv. They have been sued and lost in Washington, Colorado, and other states.


Much of the "contract" they claim you have agreed to is totally illegal in many states. Arbitration clauses that require that you go to Texas or whatever being an example.

DirecTV is pulling the same sort of thing with me. They admit they received my equipment some 5 weeks ago, but can't seem to find a way to credit me for it.


Had arranged to have DTV hooked up today. They didn't tell me the intro price would increase after 12 months to double that intro price...until *I* brought it up.

I balked at the $19.95 "overnight shipping of equipment to our warehouse" + $1.00 "tax" they were charging me and asked the cust svc rep how they could charge tax on shipping. Upon pressing the issue further, the rep couldn't tell me what the tax was actually on nor what type of tax it was; he could only tell me how lucky I was that I don't live in one of the many states in which they have to charge a "use tax of $12 or $13." I went ahead with setting up our account -- with reservations. Technician was supposed to be here between 8 and 12 this morning.

So this morning rolls around, and the tech calls at 8:13 to say that, of the four installs he has scheduled this morning, ours can't be done because there were only three DVR boxes in the warehouse so he's unable to do our installation today. As we were chatting, he mentions the irony of him flying in from Boston this a.m., where there's no snow, to Virginia, where there IS snow. (Relevance of this seemingly innocent comment to follow.) I tell him that I, then, don't intend to pay $20.95 for an 'overnight delivery' that obviously didn't occur. Of course, he can't get that charge reversed or my account credited. I tell him I'll be calling DTV to arrange for this charge to be removed, which is what I immediately set out to do.

I call DTV, press #3 for sales/account changes, and connect with "Mary." After explaining the situation, she informs me that DTV doesn't remove the $20.95 charges, ever. I inform her that it is illegal in the United States to charge for something which is not provided. She then informs she doesn't have authorization to credit back the $20.95 in any event. I tell her I need to speak with someone who *does* have that authority. She tells me that even supervisors can't do that, to which I replied that SOMEone within the labyrinth of DTV does, indeed, have that authority, whether it be her supervisor's supervisor, a VP, or the CEO and that, whomever that is, is who I need to speak with. (Lengthy discussion ensues during which "Mary" returns to the line twice to inform me that she's still trying to find her supervisor and thanks for my patience; ultimately got transferred to her supervisor's line.) After waiting approximately 10 minutes during which the phone just rang & rang, the line was disconnected -- POOF! I'm just listening to dead air.

I called them again, this time pressing #4 "for any other issues" on the phone tree, and got "Joanne." (23 mins, 29 secs on this call.) After another lengthy explanation of the issues by me, including the analogy that what they're doing is akin to being charged in a restaurant for a dinner of steak, potatoes, and salad and the server saying they don't have steak after all but they're not giving the customer back the money they've paid for the steak. Joanne puts me on hold to "review the account." Tech calls me back, meanwhile, to say that they've miraculously "found a box" that he can install; but to do so, he has to travel the opposite direction of the route of the other three installs he's doing today and my house in order to pick up this miracle box; thus, he can't be here till after noon (no mention of snow). I declined because I work evenings and he couldn't assure me that he'd be done with the install before I have to leave for work and told him that we'd scheduled it for a.m. because my husband had taken the morning off to be here for DTV. Back to Joanne: She comes back on the line to say that the technician has put only one note in the system saying that he attempted to call me but got no answer and that the reason for no install today is "snow on roof, making it unsafe for him to work" and then implying that my issue today is that I'm upset because the man refuses to risk his neck on my snowy roof. I told her that was absolutely not the case and that the snow was irrelevant anyway; my issue is them charging me for overnight delivery, said delivery not taking place, and them still charging me for that delivery which was not provided. I tell her that I'm aware of lawsuits, either pending or resolved, involving fraud on DTV's part and that I have the phone numbers for the attorneys who brought case in Arizona for different fraud acts by DTV and will be calling them, followed by calls to the BBB as well as the Attorney General of my state. She says she's going to "file a ticket" and have the tech call me back to explain why he couldn't make it this morning so I can be informed that it was due to snowy and unsafe work conditions for him. I tell her that 1. they lied to me about overnighting equipment, 2. lied to me about what the charges were for, 3. the tech either lied to me about equipment not being there and/or is so incompetent as to not be able to enter accurately our conversation of less than two hours ago about why he wouldn't be showing up today. She says that the tech left a voicemail for me (false) telling me that his supervisor has determined that it's too dangerous for him to be climbing on our roof to do the install. I ask her if she's telling me that the tech lied to me this morning, then, when he said he had no equipment to install. She changes the subject again to it being me who's unreasonable in wanting the poor tech to install on a snowy roof. I tell her that it's nice in this economy that they're doing so well that they don't have to worry about losing customers & tell her I want to cancel my order; I don't want DTV after all. More discussion ensues, during which she half-heartedly attempts to get me to change my mind, denies acknowledging that they're losing a potential customer over $20.95, puts me on hold to confer with her supervisor, puts me back on hold to get her supervisor for me to speak with, and wants me to wait to cancel till her supervisor can end his/her current call and call me back. I end by cancelling the ordered service and her assuring me that the $20.95 has been credited back to my Amex.

Definitely dodged the DTV bullet here. Sucks, because if they were ethical and above-board as they should be, I'd have roughly double the channels, the ability to watch my beloved Chicago Bears during NFL season, and save about half what I'm paying now for Cox Cable.

I'm still reportng them the above-mentioned agencies/people and most definitely following up to be sure that my Amex is not charged.


For what it's worth, I had an almost identical experience with Dish Network about five years ago. It took me two years to get the collection agencies off my butt and they dinged my credit rating but I never gave them the satisfaction of seeing their cancellation fees.

I have been without satellite service since and was toying with the idea of hooking back up with DTV, but after reading several negative reviews here I've decided I'd rather light my hair on fire and put it out with a tack hammer.

Thank you for posting your account; you've brought me back to my senses and saved me a ton of grief. Best of luck in your fight with these vultures.


DTV has been reported to the BBB so many times that they have an "F"rating meaning the BBB does not recommend anyone doing business with them.If you are referring to American Express,be careful with them too because AmEx will do their best to find a way to let DTV add the charges to your account. Something similar happened to me too and I had American Express,I filed a report with the BBB against American Express after they told me 4 times they would not allow charges from DTV on my card and then they did.

I had to close my credit card to keep AMEX from letting DTV reapply their charges of almost $900 after I disputed the amount from DTV.

Be sure to get a tracking# for the equipment you send back to DTV or else they will say they did not get it and try to make you pay for that. also check your contract with DTV because I have read that you can not take them to court,you have to use the arbitration process

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