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My husband ordered the service and they never informed him that we were signing up for an 18-24 month commitment and told him we could cancel anytime. We stopped using them because the basic channels we were getting were rubbish and the movie channels played the same movies all month long.

We left with a final bill of $89.97 and that was in August. It's now six months later and the bill is now up to $656.31 including $420.00 for not fulfilling our contract and it continued to rise until the contract is complete. I just spoke with DirecTV and they claim that even though my husband was not informed of this contract, once the installer brought the equipment and signed off on the work, that was our contract. They were rude and are falsely luring people into multi-annually binding contracts without telling them.

This is theft at it's lowest level and I would like to be included to testify if criminal charges can be brought against them because they're doing this to all families and especially marketing to military families who often do not stay in one place for the length of the contract! I'm surprised the Marine Corps allows these criminals to operate on our bases, I'm referring to the insurance scams that ultimately led to soliciting being banned on bases.

Monetary Loss: $656.

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We signed up for DirecTV in 1998. They had roughly 2 million customers and were a good company then. No contracts that I remember, $29.99 for the good package. We paid $380 for a receiver and dish, and did our own install.

Over the years I’ve seen them deteriorate in every way. The equipment is complicated, customer service is terrible, and the cost has gone up to $90. Plus I can’t even sneeze next to the thing without them extending my contract.

I added an old receiver in a spare room. It was one that I had stored in my basement, and figured I’d put it in my kid’s room. BIG HUGE MISTAKE I later found out!!

I hooked up an over-the-air antenna and quickly realized I could get 95% of what I watch (local television), for free, and in HD.

So I bought a DVR and canceled DirecTV. Figured it would be OK, since my last new receiver was over 2 years old. Well, they charged me $420 early termination on the 2nd receiver. Then immediately charged my credit card. Unknown to me, my contract was renewed on that old spare reciever, even though the CSR specifically told me there was NO contract on this receiver when I added it in September 2010 since it was owned.

I spoke with 5 CSRs before I actually gone one of them who understood that I shouldn’t be under contract. She put a credit on my account. But that takes 8 weeks to be refunded. So they’re holding on to MY money for 2 months!

I hate this company and would suggest nobody subscribe to them if don’t want to be shoved around by corporate bullying.



My boyfriend and I chose a promotion with Verizon that it contained the three services "for a month trial." The cable service was Directv Verizon as our area was not eligible to Fios.

When hiceron the installation of cable, (the box seemed used), we called Verizon to confirm Directv service for a trial month without a contract (that Verizon offered Directv) and they informed us they are only three diaz. Immediately remove send to services, cable service had just half an hour. In the following diaz where we get a bill that said we had to pay for a movie I never ordered nor manipulabamos cable system to order a movie and it deconectamos immediately. Appeared that he had ordered several times during the day and week.

We called Directv, they passed us to Verizon and Verizon did the same, we move to Directv, the final one of the representatives from Directv talked with me, called me and told me bad tania to pay. Again to send another bill where they charged us more for the same movie, with the dates changed, diaz matching service that we had another cable company. I had no sense what they were doing, like two people are using two different wire services. I went back and call this time were much bad but I would not be back.

I restricted the calls but the bills kept coming with the details of the diaz and hours of the movie different. After calling the copper companies and though the name of my boyfriend, I authorized the account I know by heart to the sun today. I told them all to the first billing company, they left us alone and not as Directv will pass the case to another collection company. This makes three years and are still sending letters, he damaged the credit to my boyfriend.

If anyone knows of a group that lawyers suing the company for fraud please send an e-mail to My name is Ruth. Sorry!

if the English translation is bad, use google to translate from Spanish to English. Have a nice day!


Ted, There was probably nothing to sign except a work order after the installation had been done and then it just ask for your initials. The installer simply tells you it is to prove the instillation has been done but at the bottom in microfine print is the contract this is a binding contract acording to DTV even though you can't read it nor are you ever told of the content. Even if one knows to ask the reps lie to get you to sign a contract for 2 years.


TED, I clearly stated that my husband is the one who dealt with them and signed off on the work, so maybe you want to go after him while he's currently serving in Afghanistan. Though you claim you were in the service it doesn't give you the right to bully spouses. And since you have nothing but time on your hands maybe you could get them on a dictionary.

Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, United States #125795

I guess you never read what you where signing did you .. I am retied USN How can if you are/where in the service not read what you are siging!?!?!?!??


! !


This is where we want you to respond to with your complaint. We are filing a law suite against them.

We need all of the public to support that has had a bad experience with Direct Tv Home Services. As soon as possible, we are going public with all of their corruption real soon.

Don't forget:


I signed up for DTV's mover connection and had to sign a 24 month contract for a DVR. I didn't know I had to sign a contract until after they had my service already hooked up.

I cancelled the premium package as soon as the promo waws over. btw, they bill u for the first month of svc for the so-called "free" HBO, Showtime, Starz.

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