Baytown, Texas

Dear DirecTV:

Although I don't have TV myself, I enjoy watching several of the programs that are exclusives of yours while sitting at my local watering hole. But the owner neglected to pay the bill this month, so you promptly cut off her service. Well, not exactly. I was surprised to find that you cut off only the worthwhile channels, but not the hundreds upon hundreds of infomercial-only channels.

Television programming being what it is these days, it didn't take a lot for me to adjust to the free infomercials that you still deliver to the bar.

That brings me to this. Since the infomercials are obviously free, can you hook me up so I can get them at home too?

Now my buddy next door has a question for you too. Unlike me, he abhors commercials and avoids them like the plague. He's even installed an auto-mute device on his set that kills the sound when they come on (which is pretty often on broadcast TV). So when I told him that yours are free, he thought for a moment and came up with an idea. He wants to know if you have some kind of "sub-basic" plan that delivers just the actually worthwhile channels but NOT the free infomercials, for less money than your basic and other overpriced plans. He's ready to sign-up.

Thanks. Paco Morratto

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Right. And what we've learned here is that they CAN, IF they want to, turn the non-infomercial-ONLY channels on and off at will from their end.

So why can't we get a package that excludes the infomercials? We know they can do it.

Maybe it's because they would have to admit they are now delivering only a half-dozen instead of a half-gazillion channels.


I feel relieved.. I thought for a minute that my friend was a infomercial addict or something.

All her channels were infomercials only, so I feel much better now that I know she just didn't pay the bill. :grin